Does Shift use same battery as Evo?

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  1. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    Does the new Evo Shift use the same battery as the original Evo?

  2. dex4

    dex4 Active Member

    Battery Info for Evo Shift
    Model: RHOD160
    Part no: 35H00146-00M
    Rating 3.7VDC 1500mAh 5.55Whr

    The battery looks very similar to the Evo but the corners are a little different by the battery terminals.

    Model number seems to be the same but the part number is different.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Droidone

    Droidone Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected. They do have the same battery. I could have sworn I saw a video on youtube saying they were different.
  4. Drakon

    Drakon Active Member

    that is incorrect the TP2, Evo, And Evo Shift all use the same battery, TP2 and Evo go in the same way for the shift just flip the battery and it fits and works, i have all 3 phones in front of me just tried it and no problems. all 3 are the same 1500mAh
  5. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I believe you can throw another couple of phones into the "same battery" list. I am pretty sure the Incredible (and another phone are two) share this battery, at least according to the Sedio aftermarket battery box (and that company is pretty highly regarded AFAIK).
  6. kiddk1

    kiddk1 Well-Known Member

  7. secureone

    secureone Member

  8. Bnkr0

    Bnkr0 New Member

    I got 3 after market batteries and a battery charger on ebay for less than 15 bucks!
  9. curialis

    curialis New Member

    I have both phones, the EVO batteries can be flipped and used in the shift, but the Shift battery does not have the little cut out corners and can not be used in the EVO.

    Devnull Technologies
  10. ggale2352

    ggale2352 New Member

    Does the battery in the evo shift work in the evo design? I have used the aftermarket batteries from anker very successfully in my shift, now my wife has the design.

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