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Does Skype work on these devices?

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  1. DrFroyo

    DrFroyo Member

    I have the ATV1200 and cant get skype to work. It just crashed out when I go to answer a call.

    I dont even know if my Logitech 5000 usb webcam is working with the unit. Anyone got skype working with these?

  2. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    plz get an upgrade then skype video call works, click upgrade!
  3. MyGeeka

    MyGeeka New Member

    I have the same problem as Dr Froyo, using the Logitech C270 720p webcam, which according to Futeko, should be compatible. Crashes on trying to answer a videocall in Skype And when making a videocall, no video, but decent audio stream with my Contacts. Have tested the video stream of the webcam outside of Skype app.
  4. mrpotato

    mrpotato Member

    I once experienced the same problem,then I upgraded,it finally worked

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