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Does syncing multiple Google account decrease battery life?General

  1. wrahool

    wrahool New Member

    I recently got a Motorola Moto G (4.3 upgraded to 4.4.2), and I wasn't getting the battery life that my vendor claimed I would get (Through mixed usage: 2-3 hours of music, some web browsing, a lot of Whatsapp, a little bit of gaming, and Wifi/mobile network completely turned off in the night (for some 8-9 hours), I barely touch 21 hours of battery life)

    I was wondering whether this has got to do with the 3 Google accounts that I've kept in sync for GMail and some other Google services.

    I may be a bit paranoid because my previous Android phone suffered from woeful battery near the end of its life, but still I would like to know if syncing more accounts drains the battery more or not.

  2. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I suppose it a possibility. After all you are syncing more often, and probably for longer periods of time, than if you just had one account to sync.

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