Does t-mobile uk do this in black or grey? They only seem to do one colourSupport

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  1. charliecrazy

    charliecrazy Member

    I have just ordered my upgrade to the One S, but it seems that the uk t-mobile dont give you a choice of which colour/finish you want.
    Im hoping its going to be the grey finish, as there seems to be a defect with the black one.

    Does anybody know which colour/finish the One S from UK t-mobile is?


  2. charliecrazy

    charliecrazy Member

    Looks like its gonna be the black one
  3. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    I think the black/red one is the micro-arc finish one the grey/blue one that is two tone is not...but I might be wrong...I also heard about the chipping problems on the black one, first batch syndrome I guess.

    Found it here...

    They grey one does not go through the same micro arc oxid process as the black one does, only the black ones are being reported as defective chipping...

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