does the amazon app store run on this?Support

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  1. falkner09

    falkner09 Well-Known Member

    I wondered if it will install on this, since it installs through the browser. I figure if it does, that would be a great way to get a worth while app store on this thing without rooting.

  2. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    Yes, I have the app on mine.
  3. BamaPanda

    BamaPanda Member

    Were you able to install popular games Angry Birds?

    Thank you
  4. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of apps that aren't currently running on this device due to the MIPs processor it uses (instead of the usual ARM or Rockchip). Apps require a special coding to work on these devices & are slowly being updated for it but the Market/Play won't list it if it thinks it isn't compatible. Some can be loaded by dropping the APK file right on to the tablet & trying to launch it even if not in Market/Play.

    New line of tablets by NOVO has apps compatible for MIP's processors becoming more popular.

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