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Does the Atrix 2 have random rebooting issues?General

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  1. mcsheltie

    mcsheltie Member

    My original Atrix and its replacement have had random rebooting issues. These are happening every couple of minutes. Often enough to make both phones inoperable.

    I have been offered to switch to different phone. I love the Atrix if it worked correctly. I would switch to an Atrix 2 if it doesn't have the same problem. Can someone advise me on this?

    What are there differences between the Atrix & Atrix 2?

  2. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Mine has never randomly rebooted since I got it in October and I haven't heard anyone complain of such an issue either.
  3. mcsheltie

    mcsheltie Member

    I got my Atrix in Dec 2011 and it was fine until a couple weeks ago. When I googled Atrix & rebooting problems there are a zillion complaints. I haven't seen many for the Atrix 2.

    I don't really want to go to the iPhone, but need more info on the Atrix 2 before I make the jump!

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