Does the G1 come with a phone case?Accessories

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  1. zak622

    zak622 Member

    Does the G1 come with a phone case? thats what i heard.


  2. SK.

    SK. Well-Known Member

    Yes it does
  3. zak622

    zak622 Member

    Sweet i cant wait. im getting my phone tom
  4. randel77

    randel77 Well-Known Member

    It comes with a "pouch" or a "sleeve". I modified mine so that it has a slot for my id and bank card and on the other side it has a pocket for a little bit of cash or an extra battery. Cost me about 10 bucks to do and half hour of my time. It looks like it came that way and now I don't have to carry a wallet anymore:)
  5. vincewchan

    vincewchan Member

    Post pics please :)

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