Does the Galaxy S2 have Carrier IQ?General

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  1. zanza

    zanza Well-Known Member

    Does this phone have CIQ on it for TMobile?

  2. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Yes it does. But root it and load a custom rom and you will be rid of this garbage.
  3. zanza

    zanza Well-Known Member

  4. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

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  5. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Oddly my new one came without it from T-mo...
  6. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    It also present throughout the rom and kernel. It is much more than a running app.
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  7. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Good to know! It won't be here for long, but didn't see what I had seen on my last GS2. Thanks for the info!
  8. andruoid

    andruoid Well-Known Member

    I have run the app that treve made and it appears that the SGS2X (Telus version in Canada) does not have CIQ.
  9. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    The SGS2 I have with AT&T is clean.
  10. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Not actively running. It was disabled for Telus. However the ciq framework is all throughout the rom and kernel. Mr. X from xda has explained this in his development thread for the rooted telus rom and kernel. His rom is truly ciq free
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  11. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    As long as it is not running (and the tool shows it is not) then I am happy. We will see what happens with ICS comes out from Telus in 2012.

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