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Does the Galaxy S3 have a FM radio?General

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  1. TxTech25

    TxTech25 Active Member

    I could have sworn it came with one but I havent been able to find it. does anyone know if it has one and if so how to use it? I looked for other threads but havent seen it... sorry if it is a duplicate question.. oh and I am on Verizon

  2. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

  3. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    does iheart radio not have fm stations?
  4. TxTech25

    TxTech25 Active Member

    I would assume that you are saying does the streaming music station let you listen to fm stations? I am saying without streaming, can I use my phone as an fm radio listening device....
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    There is a big difference between a real radio and streaming. A real radio is handy when efficient streaming is not possible. It is also better on battery life.

    Perhaps the quad chipset has it and the S4 version being used does not.
  6. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Looking at the specs and seeing reviews for the phone there is no mention of a built in radio on the s3.
  7. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    I have the International (UK) version and there is a built in FM radio which works very well.
  8. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    international version only eh?

    the US seems to always get the short end of the stick.
  9. The1nonly1

    The1nonly1 Member

    Yes it does have a radio built in
  10. warpfactor

    warpfactor Member

    Yes its there and it works really well. Feel sorry for you guys.

  11. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    I wonder if the FM radio functionality is hardwired in or if it's just a matter of getting the right software loaded on the US version(s) to enable it........ :rock:
  12. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Two different chips, so not just a case of missing software.
  13. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    The chip in the S3 must not support FM Radio in the US version.
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  14. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

  15. rosenhauer

    rosenhauer New Member

    While Apple has been granted a bunch of questionable patents I don't think they have one on receiving FM radio. But i wouldn't put it past them to try and get that patent.
  16. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    I know there is no way that they could have the patent on this. I had a phone with FM radio built into it by Nokia in 2002.... before Apple even made smart phones, heck I believe it was before the ipod.

    I used to listen to the fm radio while jogging, and it was before phones surfed the internet.
  17. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    Oh, and for those of you in the US, I know that I had access to fm radio the day I got the phone. I went to use it and it said that I must have my headphones plugged into use them as an antennae. I just don't know where I found it. I actually came on this thread hoping to find it.

    Correction, I figured it out. I have slacker radio...it was installed on my old phone and when I added the new phone, it automatically installed slacker radio again. I never used it on my old phone, so I thought it was a stock app on the s3.

  18. AndyPanda

    AndyPanda New Member

    I'm in the USA and just upgraded from DroidX to Galaxy S3 - the same Verizon service, just transferred the account to the new phone. My old DroidX has the built in FM Radio that uses the headphone plugged in for the antenna. It (Radio on the old DroidX) still works fine without any internet connection and no phone service. So this is definitely not some streaming app - it is a real radio receiver. I cannot find any Radio app on my new S3.

    I've heard that it can be enabled but so far haven't found the method ... is the built in radio function there just waiting to be enabled or is the function simply missing from this hardware?
  19. FxsX24

    FxsX24 Well-Known Member

    there is no FM tuner on the US GS3
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  20. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Well-Known Member

    Yes the international does have FM radio but I tend to use the Tune in Radio streaming app which I assume can be used on the US version
  21. JayPudney

    JayPudney New Member

    Thanks - I have found this thread helpful.
    Can I ask if anyone knows whether the Galaxy Ace Advanced (GT-S6800) also has no FM radio?
  22. Cruncher1201

    Cruncher1201 Member

    Damn that's cool. I wish our GS3s had one of those FM receivers.
  23. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    Well of course there's nothing to stop you getting the International version the downside being it is more expensive. Supposedly Samsung are going to announce the SIV in February so it might be worth someone asking them "specifically will the US version have FM radio?".
  24. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    I was actually pretty disappointed when I brought my phone home and noticed there was no FM radio. That was actually a big selling point for me while I was researching phones and watching Youtube clips. I really wish they'd just make them all the same so I know exactly what I'm getting.
  25. zdiddy456

    zdiddy456 New Member

    My galaxy s3 on viaero has a fm radio app.

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