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Does the Galaxy Tab 2 7" come in 32GB?General

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  1. JCtheOT

    JCtheOT Member

    Is there a 32GB version of the Galaxy Tab 2 7" available in the US? It's listed as an option on Samsung's website under specs, but I can't find it anywhere online & no one in stores (Best Buy, Office Depot, etc) know where to find it. I've seen it listed on a couple international websites, but that's it. I know it can have up to a 32GB SD card, but having more internal memory would make a big difference. My husband is trying to decide between getting this one & the Nexus 7 for his upcoming deployment, & having more than 8GB internal memory would likely be the dealbreaker. Thanks!

  2. AnciusD

    AnciusD Well-Known Member

    Not listed on the Samsung US site.
    Also, remember that the Nexus 7 has no sdhc slot. That's why I decided on the GT2, that plus the initial manufacturing problems with the N7.
  3. JCtheOT

    JCtheOT Member

    Thanks for the reply. I don't remember where it was that I saw the 32mb version, but I'd thought it was on the US site somewhere (although would you know it, I can't find it again). I was just hoping someone would know where to get one since I really like the rear camera option as well as the other things the Tab 2 has that the Nexus doesn't. But the Nexus looks like a great tablet as well, so he should be just fine either way. Thank you again! :)

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