Does the Gravity Smart support barcode scanners?Support

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  1. Grimsbyagirl

    Grimsbyagirl New Member

    I can't find any literature saying no, and I've tried maybe 5 of them. No functionality. Thanks!

  2. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    The app simply called "barcode scanner" works fine on mine. Are you getting a specific error? Is Android Market just not letting you install them?
  3. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

  4. GorillaP

    GorillaP Member

    Yes they do. Most just don't work well. I use one called "ScanLife" available on the market for free and it works great.
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  5. Salhobbs

    Salhobbs New Member

    I have the same problem. I can scan QR codes fine, but not barcodes. I found out that you have to have auto-focus on your camera, which Samsung Gravity's DO NOT! If anyone knows of a barcode scanner that works well for this phone without auto-focus,please let me know.
  6. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    It doesn't help that the camera is only 3MP and a pretty low-quality one at that.

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