Does the Maxx need a screen protectorGeneral

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  1. rdefino

    rdefino Well-Known Member

    So the maxx has gorilla glass. Do I really need a screen protector?

    How many of you are using them?

  2. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Well-Known Member

    I have never had a screen protector on any phone I have used. A case yes, never a screen protector.
  3. moosc

    moosc Well-Known Member

    All phones need a screen protector. Even gorilla glass scratches. I used to go naked till I got my bionic even though gorilla it had fine swirl marks annoyed me. My nexus before I left vzw I put a cheap one on it. Once of prevention goes along way.
  4. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Well-Known Member

    Not all phones need a screen protector. Screens will crack with them on too. Just like that old theory that taping windows prior to a hurricane will prevent windows from breaking. That has been debunked too. Screen protectors will prevent scratches, that I will admit. But IMO it's a gimmick. $10 or more for a sticky piece of cheap thin plastic? That's the crime. If you want to take swirls out of the glass, just use some glass polish every once in a while.
  5. Barkleyfan

    Barkleyfan Well-Known Member

    If its gouging hard enough to scratch gorilla glass, there is nothing that annoying piece of film will do to stop it. Insurance for the win.
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  6. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    I won't pay 10 cents for that flimsy stick on plastic...let alone 10 dollars.

    But a screen protector such as the Otterbox Defender is a worthwhile investment IMO.
  7. moosc

    moosc Well-Known Member

    I don't need my phone in a tank either. As for price there more the just a piece of plastic. The one I'm currently using on my nexus is from wrapsol and I paid 20$ and its worth it. Simple to instal barely tell its on. No more smears feels just like my glass minus all the smears and what not
  8. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    Personal preference, but I would never go without a screen protector on a touchscreen phone. $20 well spent in my opinion. Why risk messing up the screen?
  9. CincyGT2009

    CincyGT2009 Well-Known Member

    I had a screen protector on my HTC Incredible (also Gorilla glass) for about a month and hated it because the protector scratched up all the time. I took it of and after 2 years in my pocket with two keyrings there was only one minuscule scratch on the screen that you could only see if you knew where it was and held it in the right light. Therefore, I do not use one on the Maxx. Also, just keep the screen facing your thigh in your pocket so that everything else in your pocket is against the back of the phone and you cannot bang it against a doorway or some other obstacle...
  10. moosc

    moosc Well-Known Member

    Been playing with my dx no screen proctor and that screen all smudged up. My nexus with its awesome screen proctor is smudge free. Totally cool
  11. cdf3

    cdf3 Well-Known Member

    I went to their site. What version of their screen protector do you have?
  12. moosc

    moosc Well-Known Member

    I did the ultra one.
  13. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Well-Known Member

    It is just a matter of preference. I prefer to go naked. No screen protector and no case. I have a couple different cases for my phone. A couple Cruzerlite gel cases and the case/holster combo from Verizon(which I like a lot) I randomly will put it on for a few days then take it off when I remember I don't like cases. The last time I took it off, there was a chip out of the side of my phone. I didn't drop it or anything. WTF! I love the feel of the glass under my finger. Screen protectors alter this feeling. The ones I do like feeling are the anti glare, anti finger print ones but I hate the way they look. Soooooo Naked it is! Do whatever works for you. If I were accident prone, I would put it in a tank regardless if I liked it or not. But I am pretty cautious. Man that little nick bothers me lol. Glad it isn't on the screen :) This post seems like a contradiction within itself HAHA.
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  14. Rareplaces

    Rareplaces New Member

    yeah you're so right , I usually swear buy Otter box, I've had the Defender for a month now...don't need that much protection for the bulk, but ,I went to Verizon and bought the case/holster combo,..... Lovit !!!!!
  15. STEye

    STEye Active Member

    I use it because it really doesn't provide a hindrance. I can't stand fine scratches, so this works for me.

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