Does the MID9742 have BluetoothSupport

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  1. ToastyZ71

    ToastyZ71 Member

    I can't seem to find confirmation anywhere, but the MID9742 does NOT have Bluetooth, correct? If it had, this would be the perfect thing, but I need bluetooth to use Torq app with my car. :(

  2. SonySony

    SonySony Well-Known Member

    No, Bluetooth is not installed in the Coby MID9742.
    If you looking for a good low price ICS tablet, take a look at the Archos G9 Tablets,
    the Archos G9 Tablets are similar priced. (cost a few dollars more) And as I recall, they also have BlueTooth and way better support.
  3. ToastyZ71

    ToastyZ71 Member

    lol but the archos tabs are ugly.

    looking for BT+GPS, so may have to go galaxy or transformer, though likely the 9742 would have fit most ipad wall holders, etc

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