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? Does the Note work on the Three network (UK)Support

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  1. alexmh

    alexmh New Member

    Hi could anyone tell me if the galaxy note would work correctly on the Three (3) network in the UK.
    Thanks !

  2. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    I use my old iPhone 02 sim in my Note mostly, but I used the 3 data only microsim from my iPad briefly and it worked fine. Better than my 02 sim even, as it showed HSPA+ was available too.

    Only used data though please note. Excuse the pun.
  3. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    I havent tried it but why wouldnt it?
    You can pretty well use any phone on any network in the uk.
    The issue with networks is more a US problem I think.
  4. denialnw10

    denialnw10 Well-Known Member

    The answer is YES!

    I've been running my Three chip in my unlocked Note for nearly a month now.

    Unlimited data package is EPIC!!! :D Enjoy!!!
  5. hugues

    hugues New Member

    I ordered my Samsung Galaxy Note on 28/11 and received it on 01/12 yesterday. i ordered it through the german Amazon site, amazon.de instead of the amazon.uk. I saved
  6. alexmh

    alexmh New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    I ordered mine from Amazon.de aswell have received it now and is working perfectly !
  7. chewiet

    chewiet New Member

  8. omdur man

    omdur man New Member

    It most certainly does.

    I have a Mifi from 3, for when out and about with my laptop and/or tablet. Since getting the Note, and discovering it has Wifi Hotspot, I have been running the 3 SIM in the Note and firing up Wifi Hotspot to surf on my Laptop when needed or surf just on the Note when that was all that's required.

    Works great, and in fact I found the 3G uses so much less power than having Wifi on and scanning the whole time that I switched Wifi permanently off. 'Course having unlimited data helps :)
  9. birelwf

    birelwf New Member

    for those that bought the Galaxy Note from Amazon.de was there any particular supplier via Amazon you used. Looking to get a Note but dont want to pay the outrageous prices for a UK bought one. CPW wanted
  10. mpw

    mpw Well-Known Member


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