Does the One V meet [most of] my needs?General

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  1. Encerspay

    Encerspay Well-Known Member

    Okay, so here are my needs for a phone:
    -Able to handle lots of SMS, MMS, Google Talk and Facebook Messaging, at home and on the go
    -Stream music in the background as I do everything I do on the phone
    -Fluid Multitasking
    -At least 12 hours of battery life with moderate use.
    -Decent enough gaming to keep me entertained in waiting rooms

    Does the HTC One V fall short in any of these categories?
    If so, which?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    My wife has the HTC One V and I believe it can do everything you want. The "on the go" items would depend on your network coverage in your area. I am very jealous of her phone. I still have the LG Optimus V but her phone is much faster and smoother and handles MMS much better than mine. She has gone over three days without charging the phone and normally just charges every other day. I charge my phone every night.
  3. Encerspay

    Encerspay Well-Known Member

    Oh, smooth MMS would be just lovely.
    I have to charge my Optimus V every night, too.
    Thanks for the input!
  4. MaeMae_LacedUp

    MaeMae_LacedUp New Member

    The One V Is great.. It stays charged for me for TWO full days.. With normal use.. Normal is all the time.. Since I SADLY have it with Virgin Mobile.. My internet/3G Sucks.. So... I don't even use it.. But anyways, the phone is good, But one thing.. DO NOT drop it on concrete.. It will crack..
  5. OverBoard

    OverBoard Well-Known Member

    Get an Otter Box!

    I have one and it does not add too much bulk. It is more difficult to take off and put back on (compared to the Otter Box on the Optimus V). But the sealed battery should not make this in issue.

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