Does the Tattoo still lack apps?

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  1. Agerkvist

    Agerkvist Member

    Hi there, first time poster as I'm only just preparing myeslf for my first Android mobile :)

    I'm considering purchasing the HTC Tattoo, but one thing has me worried. In all the reviews I read they note the lack of apps on Android Market for the Tattoo, due to it's lower resolution - is this still an issue? I've read numerous reports stating the issue has been fixed but I'm not quite sure what to believe.

    I hope someone more knowledgeable can enlighten me.

    Thanks :)

  2. Master Joda

    Master Joda Member

    Hi Agerkvist
    There are many applications on the Market, and I'm really pleased with the choice.
    The actual problem with Tattoo is the lack of an upgrade to Android 2.1. I don't wanna be a pessimistic, but I doubt that will ever come to upgrade to 2.1. Did you consider options of buying a Wildfire.

  3. Agerkvist

    Agerkvist Member

    As I understood 2.1 was on it's way to Tattoo? But I might have misread.

    I've looked at the Wildfire yeah, but I reckon it might be out of my price range - I'm guessing it will be a tad more expensive than the tattoo?

    I'm also hearing lots of complaints about the Tattoo's screen being too small, but I guess that's often from people used to bigger screens.
  4. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    Nobody has been able to get any confirmation of that (despite our best efforts), and HTC are staying resolutely tight-lipped.
  5. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    yes it doesnt show all apps in market but you can download n install threw pc and from emulator works good for me even if it doesnt fit the screen properly

    but i would reccomand u get smthing else
  6. pevans_om

    pevans_om Active Member

    I haven't missed any app that I wanted so far. Most of the best apps support the lower res.

    As for 2.1 upgrade, it would be nice, but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy the tattoo as is. So I'm not too worried about 2.1
  7. Agerkvist

    Agerkvist Member

    Ah ok - I just read that was a big issue, but also read indications that the problem was much less of an issue now than at release. I'll be a quite casual user so it most likely won't be a problem for me.
  8. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    yup me neither just enjoying as it is

    if i need any app i just download from online and im really impressed with tattoo soo much powerfull yet soo tiny lil lolzz

    but only thing im missing is lil bit bigger screen it would have been awesome if it was lil big screen
  9. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    Personally I wish it had a faster CPU. The Tattoo can really get bogged down. You get what you pay for, of course, but this leads me to the reason I really want Android 2.1 - for the performance enhancements.
  10. Agerkvist

    Agerkvist Member

    HTC Wildfire is just coming out, prices are looking reasonable for me, I might just end up with one.
  11. deadevil13

    deadevil13 New Member

    Ive just brought a Tattoo, only yesterday XD

    I think the apps for it are fine! Of course, most probably not such a wide range as say the iStore for the iPhone, but who cares.

    I have successfully installed:, Spotify, Absolute Radio, AK Notepad, Bluetooth File Transfer (doesnt work with Tatttoo btw!), Discogs, Discount Calculator, eBay, eBuddy, ES File Explorer, Facebook, NetCounter, Photoshop Express, Sky+ (which is freaking awesome), UK Traffic Checker and

    About 2.1, well it seems like it could be a along awaited Christmas present from Google. The reason why people want it soo badly, or the main reason, is that it comes with Bluetooth File Transfer (which atm with 1.6 you have to root/hack the phone to allow this).

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