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Does the Virgin Mobile phone have Gorilla Glass installed?Support

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  1. kri5pi3

    kri5pi3 Member

    I'm not completely sure if the virgin mobile htc evo 3d 4g has Gorilla Glass on it or not. I just want to be safe. So?

  2. crusader01

    crusader01 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It is exactly the same phone as the Evo 3D
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  3. EHokie

    EHokie Well-Known Member

    If you want your screen to stay in immaculate shape you'll still want a protector. I have a small scratch or two, but it's worth it for the touch response and smooth feeling of glass.

    On another note, I had the One V for a couple weeks and had to take it back because it scratched so damn easy. I loved the construction of that phone more than any I've ever had, including this one. Make the phone out of beautiful aluminum and put sh**** glass on it...
  4. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    I can attest to this as well.

    Get a screen protector its CHEAP INSURANCE.

    Gorilla glass is NOT perfect, it CAN scratch. I've had it happen so many times.

    go to ebay, buy a pack of 3 or 6 screen protectors, put one on. and the first time it falls or slides across pavement or what have you, youll peel off that scratched up protector to find perfectly safe glass underneath, and throw on another protector.

    they are EXTREMELY cheap on ebay, just make sure you install them right. easy to get bubbles.

    if you do it right its hard to even tell its there.

    I used to go without a case or protector and within 3 months of the phone being new it was all scratched up. That was my optimus V then I learned my lesson with the Triumph.

    just make sure to order your stuff with as fast as shipping as possible. ive been waiting 4 weeks now for my screen protectors and case and they are still on the east coast in transit!!
  5. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member

    I recommend the Zagg shields. I use them on all my devices. They cost between $15-$25 depending on the device, but they offer a lifetime warranty on the shield.
  6. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    I'm really not concerned with a protector to protect the glass but I am interested to know if a protector lessens the "smudgeiness" of the glass when viewed in certain lights. I love the EVO but it does look weird to have the glass display every single grease streak from my fingers. The Triumph never had this issue and it had Gorilla glass.
  7. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Personally I find that Zagg's are the worst out there, I personally prefer wet application screen protectors myself but the problem with Zagg's are orange peel and rubbery feel. You can buy Armour Shieldz on ebay for 1/10 the price and a much better experience.
  8. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Totally agree.
    Swyping on a Zagg is like molasses, read the box, it even says "Improves grip". Umm...

    And then there is price, Best Buy wants around $20 (and $15? for install), are you freaking kidding me? I buy cheap Ebay ones, a few bucks for several, if you mess one up going on or gets damaged, who cares. Zagg is actually no more durable and in soem ways worse.

    Just stay away from the anti-glare models, especially on an Evo V, they are blurry. I suspect the 3d system in the screen is conflicting.
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  9. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Agreed. I had one for my psp. It was full body protection but it was pretty much the same as a cheap one.
  10. dwappo7851

    dwappo7851 Well-Known Member

    Anywhere you can get cheap ones in the store? I agree with the fact that zaggs make the screen feel like rubber than glass, and they mess with people who use stylus for the phone.
  11. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    Some marketing douche found a way to pass off a negative as a "feature" to unsuspecting customers :D
  12. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member

    I guess to each their own. I've never had any issues with swiping on my devices using the Zagg shields. I prefer the orange peel, because it has cut down on glare and fingerprints significantly. I will have to try out an "Armour Shieldz" protector on my next device. Thanks for the tip!
  13. phw8558

    phw8558 Well-Known Member

    I also have a Zagg and comparing the Evo V (with zagg) to the Optimus V (Zagg removed) my thumb slides smoother on the OP V. Going to check out armour shieldz next time.

    Lol when I read that I was thinking the same thing
  14. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    I dont know about Gorilla Glass... My Triumph is less scratched then my HTC EVO V 4G.
  15. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    I've had the Evo for a month with no case or screen protector and there's not one scratch on it. I've also never dropped my phone and I plan on keeping it that way. I had a Zagg screen protector on my old Triumph and the glass on the Evo slides so much better than than the "grip improving" Zagg.
  16. phw8558

    phw8558 Well-Known Member

    They have gorilla glass 2 now which is on the iphone5 and possibly sg3. There's a YouTube video in which they run through a battery of tests on it...pretty sweet
  17. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Gorilla glass is not scratch resistant, it's break resistant.

    It's softer than glass, but far more flexible and shatter resistant. Run a cheap screen protector and you have the best of both.
  18. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    I don't know where you got your info from but if anything Gorilla Glass is more scratch "resistant" then break "resistand". With Gorilla Glass you don't need a silly screen protector. You should be able to walk around with keys in your pocket and not have to worry about your keys scratching up your screen.
  19. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Keys no, 2 grains of sand and suddenly screen protectors don't seem so "silly".
  20. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    It is supposedly scratch resistant, but Corning has been shown demonstrating it's strength more than anything.

    From Corning's own material:
    "The material's primary properties are its strength (allowing thin glass without fragility), its high scratch resistance (for protective coating), and its hardness (with a Vickers hardness test rating of 622 to 701)."

    By the way, even normal glass scratches pretty easy.
  21. tmpullen

    tmpullen Well-Known Member

    Gorilla glass, I have scratched it and broken it, it's not perfect, but... at 1mm thick it is amazing.

    Although I prefer hot "naked phone" action I think it is wise to practice safe phoning, so I use an Otter Box Defender because I want this phone to last more than a few months.
  22. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    You must do some pretty dirty "sexting" because using the Defender is like double bagging it. :p
  23. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

  24. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    But unfortunately? I do, I live ⅛ mile from the beach and also work as a welder which involves a lot of grinding so abrasive substances have been known to enter my pocket. Also you're missing the point, it cracks less than a screen of normal glass if it could be made as thin, which it can't.
  25. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    My wife managed to both scratch (keys) and shatter her vevo screen. Mine is still pristine since launch. I maintain that how you care for your phone is what matters, everything else is marginal in comparison.

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