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  1. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    I hope MetroPCS will offer LG Esteem II with the same style and feel as LG Esteem but with higher specs and better battery life when it is time to update for me. Honestly, after they have released Huawei Activa, I am concerned regarding their future Android portfolio.

  2. SecretFlamez

    SecretFlamez Well-Known Member

    Well Stay Concerned , They are trying to make low spec androids for MetroPCS for less than $150 , Next we should see a $100 android phone or so , by Huawei or LG , with low end specs , but a 4G capable device!
  3. SecretFlamez

    SecretFlamez Well-Known Member

    It is unlikely to make a LG Esteem II (2) because The Samsung Galaxy S I,II,III are only like that since they sold a lot and they are some of the best androids around with great specs , A phone on a carrier like MetroPCS won't sell millions and won't be included in a second version , Verizon and other carriers get the SGS III so it will be sold more world wide than a phone only on 1 carrier (HTC Wildfire is on MetroPCS and T-Mobile so it would sell more , but it is a low end phone and small)

    So Sorry but it would be unlikely , But LG will increase smartphone sales , as they will change there LG launcher's interface and make it smoother and lightweight , and they stopped focusing on small tasks , and will start making those High End Androids (Though most LG , have battery issues or overheating issues , I am not sure to get a Connect yet though..... And a hefty price tag!)
  4. travioso

    travioso Well-Known Member

    I'm betting they will have one more high end device around christmas.. as far as connect vs esteem, right now the connect has the better price, I would recommend posting your needs and wants in each respective forum without mentioning the other ;) its almost turning into apple vs droid lol
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  5. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Merro is getting a ZTE phone that's dual core with the same screen size as the esteem. But zte isn't exactly a good manufacturer
  6. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, not too excited about ZTE. I am afraid Metro will stop offering devices by well-known manufactures, such as LG or Samsung.
  7. darryim

    darryim Well-Known Member

    i had the Esteem and sold that shyt cus it sucks i installed some apps den started lagging now i have the connect i have like 400 apps installed and still runs like theres no apps installed ppl out there dont know nothing bout phones just cus of bigger screen they buy that laggy phone i hate lagg . get outta here .
  8. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    It just comes down to personal preference on what someone wants. I want a bigger screen and HDMI. You want a dual core and talk and surf at the same time.

    I actually went in and checked out the Connect, and of course I own an Esteem and its a brick house and all :D but the Connect just seemed "cheapish" to me to be honest. Some people like thinner and lighter and some people like thicker and heavier for personal reasons. My reasons? Because I dont like feeling like Im going to break the phone when holding it or when its in my pocket or if I dropped it. (Ive actually dropped my Esteem on concrete 8 or 9 times. Once getting out of the biggest truck Uhual makes, forgot it was in my lap, went to get it out and it feel onto the concrete drive way bounced sent the back cover flying and then landed in the grass with just a little nik out of the corner.)

    Oh and question in your personal opinion and to meet your needs you prefer the Connect, and youre "complaining" (not saying you are whinning or complaining just couldnt think of the word to use hence the "") that you paid cheaper??? Most people are aggravated for having to pay more and youre annoyed for it being less??? ;) Oh and I paid 250 for both Esteems.
  9. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    I like both actually lol. I may plan on buying a connect just for fun but the esteem is going to be my main phone.
  10. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member

    People are taking this way too serious... I was just talking about marketing the esteem for so much more money. Its not right.if anything it should be the same price like it was. As for that zte phone, metro has the problem of making you choose one thing over another... WHY CANT WE HAVE ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN ONE?... also I've owned a esteem I just sold it
  11. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Money. Lol
  12. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    When I bought my connect, it was a $100 more than the esteem. And I had no problem in making my choice, cause simply put, I wanted the better phone. And I'm happy with it. To me, it was a no brainer. And it's not like I'm upset the price went down on the connect. Cause in time that is always the case.

    But what Metro is doing with the Esteem seems wrong. I just don't like what they are trying to pull. It's like they're trying to take advantage of people's preferences or something else,..... like their knowledge of handsets. To me this is Very shady.

    Almost as if it was a tourists trap. And to think that they believe they will profit from it, says little about us Metro customers. Frankly, I'm appalled by this type of business.

    And Mex, if you buy the Connect, there's no way your Esteem will be your main phone. Highly unlikely.

    The LG Connect with a few modifications, is right up there with the top handsets out right now.
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  13. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, many people buying Esteem over Connect are more than knowledgeable.

    Connect is a good phone, but it looks like crap. This is my biggest issue with Connect.
  14. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member

    I would really like a sg2 or nexus.... I would be content with that.
  15. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Well if that is your main complaint, ... don't you think that's a pretty weak argument?

    Ooh, Ooh,.... how much for the shiney one? I'll take it.
  16. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Im freeeeee! Except on the weekends I charge 10 bucks ;):p
  17. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Talk about cheap. Lol
  18. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    No it is not. Do you buy a car that looks like a POS even though it has a good engine? Connect is only marginally better than Esteem technologically. For my use, I can't even tell the difference between the two in performance, but I see the difference the way it looks everytime I answer the call. And notification lights are pretty useful when you leave your phone unattended.

    You just don't get that design is important as well and not something as trivial as you make it sound. And specifications on both are very similar.
  19. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    Well shinyside I'm gonna spread Thu word lol looking for testers to test shinyside cyan theme. Also I would be porting some themes over along with shinyside, We don't have the connect so will be looking for testers ;)

    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    Actuall I would and have. I have a 240sx (which I love the actual LOOKS of, but its beat to hell), but the engine and everything else mechanically is superior and sturdier than just about anything else you can get. I LOVE the connect for MANY reasons. I like the looks, its small but with a large hi-def screen (in fact my last phone I had for a year was an Optimus M that I tweaked to no end to get as much performance as I could because it had damn fine system specs in a compact package), and it has one of the most powerful hardware setups ON THE MARKET in a size that fits in the change pocket of my jeans. Im sorry but I will NOT put a 6"x4" brick in my pocket at all times. I ride a motorcycle and I HAVE to be able to carry everything I need in my pockets. The ONLY thing I dont like about the connect is the battery, which is going to be remedied soon. To each their own for sure, but I cant see how anyone could spend the SAME amount, let alone $100 more, for HALF the performance with a slightly larger screen.
  21. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    that's the point I got.

    People have seen ESTEEM thrown around for a while. They see the screen size and like the name.
    Then they see the fact that it's more expensive and they buy it.
    (Speaking from a Miami perspective here.) Expensive means it's better quality, expensive means I have more money and in turn prestige. Expensive means I'm better than you.

    These are the consumers that metro is looking for with this.

    Tech savvy consumers will see the backwards reasoning behind making the more advanced phone cheaper.
    Most see smart phones as bling.
  22. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    And I can't see how anyone in his or her own mind can not only ride the motorcycle but actually pay for it. It is dangerous. That's the point to each their own.
  23. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member

    Exactly, every time I've gone to a metro store the sales Rep says the esteem is the best. And people that I know that went to tech savy. Say "awww why didn't you get the esteem, it has a huge HD screen!" I just keep my mouth shut. I hate trying to describe to people what the internals of a phone are and that not every phone with android is is a "Droid"...
  24. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Everyone buys a car on looks, well almost everyone. It's a status symbol.

    A phone is not. Electronics are bought on performance. Not including watches. They are more or less a piece of jewelry with function.

    Your car analogy is weak. What else you got.

    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    So is walking down the street, or taking a shower.

    And I would bet $1000 that if two buses showed up, one looked nice and new and had nice interior and would get you where you wanted to go for $10, and the other looked not as nice but got you to the same place faster for $5, you would ride the faster one.

    Good looks are important for sure (I LOVE the way my bike looks and I wouldnt buy one unless I did like the way it looked), but its not like the connect looks like a 20 year old brick phone.

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