does this come with facebook already on itGeneral

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  1. odd_one33

    odd_one33 Active Member

    i see u can only type in ur email and pass- to set up account for this phone but cant actually get on facebook- WITHOUT having to download it from the market- is this correct?

  2. Village Idiot

    Village Idiot Active Member

    Phone comes with a 'Social Networking' app.

    When you go into that app it prompts you to add a social network (or more than one, I'm guessing).

    Facebook is the first option to add. Don't know how it works beyond that, 'cause I don't facebook.
  3. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    The phone only comes with a contact link for gmail and facebook. To utilize the full features of facebook on your mobile device you need to install the app from google market.

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