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Does this exist? Screen off via proximity sensor.

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  1. shappy

    shappy Well-Known Member

    I had this app for my Win Mo Touch Pro2 that would put the phone into sleep mode when the proximity sensor was covered for a set period of time. This was in lieu of having to hit the power button.

    Is there anything like this in the marketplace for Android?


  2. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    Bump, would like to know if this exists yet. I want to be able to pull my Inc out of the holster and the screen automatically turn on, or off when placing in holster.
  3. SlvrScoobie

    SlvrScoobie Well-Known Member

    I would also love this app. Should be easy to program, worked great on a magnetized holster with my bb
  4. lectraplayer

    lectraplayer Well-Known Member

    Makes sense. Androids can detect magnetic fields and metal. Why not a hand?
  5. SlvrScoobie

    SlvrScoobie Well-Known Member

    Or a inward facing holster?
    I would love to put it in the holster and it auto turn off the screen. With my BB, key presses were a concern because it was a leather case, but with the hard plastic I dont know if I even need it to lock.
  6. jaredpgh

    jaredpgh Member

  7. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    It is built into my Galaxy S? Whenever i hold the phone up to my face the screen goes off. If i move it away, it turns back on.
  8. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    That is a standard feature of Android.
  9. itsme_4ucz

    itsme_4ucz New Member

  10. loick

    loick Well-Known Member

    I use "Tap Tap App" to lock and unlock my phone using proximity sensor as my power button is dead !!!
    This app works very well
  11. admile3

    admile3 Well-Known Member

    This is different than something you can simply program your phone to do. The blackberry's ability to wake upon exiting a holster and sleep upon entering one was due to hardware in the phone, along with software... Not just software alone. The holster has a magnet in a certain location that pertains to how the phone sits in the holster. Whenever the small magnet was against this spot on the phone, the phone would sleep or wake depending on whether it was being put against the magnet or being taken away from it. But, in summary, this is hardware that was allowing for this.

    To my knowledge, there is not this ability (using a magnet on a certain location on your phone) built into any Android phone. I could certainly be wrong, but as I said, to my knowledge, I dont know of any.

    Now, whether this could be done via use of the proximity sensor might certainly be a different story. But the magnet route = no go

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