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  1. aentropy

    aentropy Active Member

    When you misspell a word and hit the space bar it should auto correct the word for you to the most logical choice. I saw someone mention there may be no auto correct on the Note 2.

    Hoping this isn't true as it would be a major inconvenience. I have JB on my Galaxy Nexus and it is still there. Can someone verify this on the note 2? Any other nice features missing from texting or the keyboard?


  2. ODog2323

    ODog2323 Well-Known Member

    Yea, the stock Samsung keyboard doesn't seem to auto correct for you, but you can always download a new keyboard from the play store. There are a couple free ones that are built on the stock JB keyboard.
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  3. Veritas

    Veritas Member

    ive looked everywhere.

    when im texting, i know it pops up with the phone guessing your word if you spell it wrong, but is there auto correct? i hope im just missing it.

    thanks in advance.
  4. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

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  5. Osensnolf

    Osensnolf Well-Known Member

    That's a bummer if that is the case.

    Lord help me and the people that receive my messages...
  6. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

    You can always download another keyboard from the Play store.

    With Android, you have options for just-about anything! :)
  7. kobastal

    kobastal New Member

    No auto correct is a killer for me. I just switched to swiftkey. Normally I wouldn't mind, but the stock keyboard does have a great layout. I would also like to be able to use the one handed operation.
  8. almath

    almath Well-Known Member

    The only problem I have with swiftkey is it uses a lot of ram, maybe not a big deal on the note 2 but it was on my other phone.
  9. Veritas

    Veritas Member

    Yeah. I downloaded SwiftKey and it's great. Auto correct and the keyboard is awesome. I can type fast and it's probably 99% accurate. Every now and then it has an error but overall Def worth the download.
  10. austin_porada

    austin_porada New Member

    yes, unfourtanely this phone has no auto-correct with the Samsung Keyboard, which kind of blows my mind, maybe they just forgot something in codeing, and they will fix it with an OTA update
  11. austin_porada

    austin_porada New Member

    i really hope they fix this with an OTA update, how can you sell a top-notch smart phone built around taking notes and not include auto-correct. *mind blown*
  12. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Are you using stock instead on the Note?
  13. almath

    almath Well-Known Member

    Yes and loving it, the numbers at the top do it for me.
  14. bengadget

    bengadget Active Member

    I'm using the Magic Keyboard Free app as my replacement keyboard. It's working pretty well, though it will take some getting used to and some settings tweaks (particularly with the way it corrects your words depending on how you space them) but the auto correct is working pretty well and I love how easy it is to get to numbers and symbols. I gave the default keyboard a shot, even using the swipe feature but I just can't use a touchscreen without autocorrect.
  15. jalan94

    jalan94 Well-Known Member

    I don't think this was accidentally left out. I believe the default Samsung keyboard is actually a stripped down version of SwiftKey. I base that on the fact that it seems to reference the new SwiftKey flow feature in the keyboard settings. I'm guessing that as part of the deal between SwiftKey and Samsung, SwiftKey did not give Samsung every feature that they offer in order to protect the potential sale of their own app on the device.

    This is a total guess on my part and I could be wrong.
  16. N6EAJ

    N6EAJ Well-Known Member

    I gave the Samsung keyboard a few days to see if my typing would improve. It didn't so I downloaded one of the JB keyboards from the play market
    I'm back to zipping along again. It was nice to have the numbers on the keyboard, but I just couldn't type nearly as fast compared to the ICS keyboard I had on my Note1. The JB keyboard on the Note 2 works great.
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  17. almath

    almath Well-Known Member

  18. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

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  19. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

    I don't have an "Android Keyboard" listed. Is that an app that you downloaded?
  20. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

    Same here

    on the AT&T Note 2 the only options under Language and Input are are:

    * Google Voice Keyboard

    * Samsung Keyboard

    * Swype
  21. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

  22. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

    Weird. Using the Tapatalk app, this link took me to a totally unrelated thread in Android Forums. Using the internet browser, it took me to the correct post.

    Hmmm. I may have to email them about this...

    Thanks ScandeLeX!
  23. Note 2

    Note 2 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I came here trying to find an autocorrect keyboard. This looks like we don't even have to be rooted for this. Unfortunately the note 2 is not mentioned in the article...... is it just an install of the latinImeGooglesigned file and we are good to go?

  24. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Yes it is and you are good to go.
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  25. JAJameson2010

    JAJameson2010 Well-Known Member

    Same thing just happened to me!

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