does this phone have flash playerGeneral

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  1. supersean

    supersean Active Member

    i am hopefully getting this phone tommorow and knowing that the lg optimus m didnt have flash player and really want to know if the admire has it:D:D

  2. polywood223

    polywood223 Well-Known Member

    I would say adobe will be most likely downloadable from the market it seems to have a 800mhs cpu.
  3. dcskins2011

    dcskins2011 Member

    No it doesnt, I was disappointed because when I was at the store it was so new the owner didnt know anything about the phone and all I could find online was US Cellular and it said it came with flash but not with Metro PCS. I'm wondering if it can be installed by rom or once rooted but who knows. I really like the phone but will probably get the LG in a month so I can watch espn 3 from the office.
  4. bobbylee

    bobbylee New Member

    nope it does not support flash
  5. bobbylee

    bobbylee New Member

    doe you know how much the lg is going to coast or when it is coming out
  6. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

    between $300-$400.
  7. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    800mhz does not mean anything if phone has old CPU architecture its not running flash. And no there is no way to get flash if phone does not support it. Skyfire is not a flash player, in case someone would like to mention that.
  8. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

  9. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Flash won't work with ARM v6 processor. You could go to XDA and try the cracked version hacked to work with ARM v6.

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