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Does tmobile offer any county employee discounts?

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  1. reeftivo

    reeftivo Active Member

    I've been tagging along on my wife's VZ plan for a few years now because she gets a 20% discount on her plan + accessories since she's a county of L.A. Employee. 20% is great but we are ready for upgrades and will lose our current unlimited and have to go with the shared plan. Thinking of switching to tmob if they offer something similar.

    Anyone out there know if they offer something like that?


  2. Raven198

    Raven198 Well-Known Member

    TMo has a discount program. I use my military discount, but I could also use my company as a discount. You just have to check with them and see what percent of discount they give.
  3. reeftivo

    reeftivo Active Member

    Thank you! I will inquire for sure.

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