Does using GPS require data?Support

  1. romey2000

    romey2000 Active Member

    Pardon me if this sounds like a dumb question but does using the GPS on my phone require me to use up any data? I'm just curious because a car GPS does not require internet access... can anyone shed some light? :)

  2. Cornflake

    Cornflake Well-Known Member

    GPS itself just listens to signals from orbiting satellites so no, in that sense nothing is used wrt your data allowance. You don't even need a phone/data connection for straightforward GPS use as you'll know from the operation of a car-based GPS.

    But GPS on a phone is often (and optionally) linked directly to Google maps or some other online map service so in that case yes; your data allowance would take a hit as the map for the area around your current GPS location is pulled down.

    So "GPS" is completely free but "GPS Navigation" will generally eat into your data allowance - unless you get a navigator using local (ie. stored on the SD card) maps.

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