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Does warranty gets void if I root LG Shine Plus?

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  1. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    any ideas?

    I don't really want to spend time on rooting the phone,
    but I would like to know what options I have within the "legal limit"

    so any expert ideas will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance


  2. fireislander

    fireislander Member

    rooting you phone will void the warranty
  3. Pivzavod

    Pivzavod Member

    Rooting is 100% invertible, correct? In particular, does anybody know if the OTA updates become available again after you UNroot the phone?
  4. fireislander

    fireislander Member

    once you unroot your phone its like you never rooted it. you can reverse the process
  5. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    isn't there a way to track if a phone has been rooted and unrooted again?

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