does wifi still use data?

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  1. brownie8293

    brownie8293 Member

    ok well i used about 20mb of data today...i was just wondering if when u turn on wifi and its connected...does it still use data from ur data plan or do u have to turn off H+ or when u turn wifi on it just automatically stops using data. help please lol

  2. brownie8293

    brownie8293 Member

    o yea and is ok to leave my phone on the charger all night? cuz thts what i usually do
  3. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    when wifi is connected it shouldn't be using up any of your data. but if you are concerned about data being used you can turn off the mobile when your on wifi. just go to settings>wireless & networks; then check the box that says mobile networks
    you'll still be able to use data since your on wifi and doesn't affect phone calls or text messages.

    as for charging the phone overnight, it's totally okay to leave it on the charger overnight.
  4. brownie8293

    brownie8293 Member

    Kk thx bro
  5. leavinghome

    leavinghome Well-Known Member

    Just a small FYI, you can always add the HTC Mobile Network widget to your homescreen, as well as a WiFi one. Just go to Add Widget > Settings and you'll see all the power widgets.

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