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  1. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    When I bought my Relay
    (can we call it that instead of - The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G?)

    I also bought a great 2 piece rubberized plastic case that snaps on to the top and bottom halves. However, it seems to block the ability to use the NFC scanner. New to NFC, so not positive I am using it correctly. Wondering from others if their case blocks the scanning.

  2. hobbiteer

    hobbiteer New Member

    I do not know myself. I didn't want to spend $35 bucks in the store if I could get the same case for cheaper online. Then there's that I don't have any other easy to test devices for NFC. I have however heard some anecdotal reports that some cases do block NFC.
  3. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    When I bought my phone, the Rep offered me the case and said it was $30. I was going to pass when he offered it to me for half price. For $15 I couldn't pass it up. The case is very high quality, rubberized and even has a kickstand. I love the case but it seems from my limited testing, that it blocks the NFC signal. I tried scanning a few things and didn't even get a beep. Maybe I have the settings wrong but I don't think so, NFC is set on. Please keep checking as I'd like to get this solved. Maybe I can drill a whole in the case where the NFC antenna is.

    On a side note, the Rep in my local store (and this is a rare comment if you know T-Mobile) was VERY helpful getting my account changed and the best discounts. Even though their CS department makes these offers, it is critical to get them properly implemented when signing the contract. He spent 1.5 hours getting all details correct. I just checked my account online and surprisingly there were no surprises. If you are on Long Island, I'd recommend this guy.
  4. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    Does S beam have to be on for NFC to work?

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