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  1. Banksy33

    Banksy33 Member

    Owner Name: Banksy3
    Dog Name: Diablo II

    Cred Code: ZEX974

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  2. JazzyP

    JazzyP Member

  3. idk3ither

    idk3ither Member

  4. Akwatic

    Akwatic Well-Known Member

    It would be easier for everyone if in every reply, you copy and paste the current list from the previous post, and then add your own cred tag and name afterwards. That way if this thread takes off, people can just go to the last post and have a full list of all the cred tags instead of having to sort through page by page :cool:

    ZEX974 - Banksy33
    KMV657 - JazzyP
    AKA337 - idk3either
    HCC594 - Akwatic
  5. oatsareclass

    oatsareclass New Member

    i just want to say anyone who plays this game is sick in the will say....what is the big deal, its only a game. The big deal is that countless dogs are starved, beaten, isolated and tortured daily for dog fighting. The big deal is that dogs are brought up to fight and if they fail, they get murdered in the most creative of ways. Why not integrate that into the game? Choose the way you kill your dog.. what are the options? Well, they get electrocuted, drug by trucks, strangled, shot, beaten, drowned in buckets of water, or just good ol' fashioned throw them against the pavement until they stop moving. Should be some awesome graphics there, right? After all, it's just a game. I wonder if they'll add going to people's houses and stealing their dogs for bait dogs... OO will they even let you wrap the duct tape around the dogs mouth and tie em up so they can't fight back? Sweet. Or the drugs that block their fear and pain?

    The big deal is because countless dogs are being put to sleep because of people that think things like this are okay. Ever heard of Breed Specific Legislation? Ever heard of how millions of pit bulls that have never shown an ounce of aggression are being put to sleep because of the reputation they have? A reputation of being inherently violent and aggressive... a reputation responsible pit bull owners like myself fight every day to falsify while people go out and download games that encourage, glorify and promote the same things that ruin the breed and their reputation. Numerous counties have outlawed pitbulls, and many more are jumping on the band wagon. When you look around you and there's not a single pitbull left, be happy, you'll still have your game.
  6. keallen

    keallen New Member

  7. idk3ither

    idk3ither Member

    hey hey i love dogs but playing this game will not make me go out and fight real dogs cmon now thats why theres a game for it. having the game might stop some of these people from real life dog fighting but then agian the war is still goin on and they are worried about dog games. hell other countries are eatting dogs.

    ZEX974 - Banksy33
    KMV657 - JazzyP
    AKA337 - idk3either
    HCC594 - Akwatic
    TCF957 - idk3either

    the other one is still credible. it was because i didnt backup when flashing roms.
  8. Vick Tory

    Vick Tory New Member

    Its an RPG that shows no violence between dogs..just took head pics with a health bar and attack buttons. It could be could be a shaken baby game.

    ZEX974 - Banksy33
    KMV657 - JazzyP
    AKA337 - idk3either
    HCC594 - Akwatic
    TCF957 - idk3either

    SZT857-The New Jack
  9. alkatrazzz

    alkatrazzz New Member

    Add me! Twv666
  10. algebra

    algebra New Member

  11. D-Elite

    D-Elite New Member

    Dogs name GURU47
  12. Pitboss

    Pitboss Member

    We are adding in a new feature to cred soon, it will make forum cred posts like this a lot more valuable. People at the top of lists like these should do well. Also, how do we get the name of the thread changed to "KG Dogfighting by Kage Games"? :cool:
  13. Spido

    Spido New Member

    Cred me!!

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