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  1. Offshore1

    Offshore1 Member

    Hi don't know if I'm in the right section here and if not I apologise but here goes - I recently bought a HTC flyer 32gb which I love and having a few HTC phones in the past I can get by. I use the dolphin browser he with my other phones and it installed no probs on the Flyer. Only problem I had is when I tried to install the dolphin battery saver add on and it told me on google play that my device wasn't compatible with this? Has anyone else had this trouble?I love the battery saver and it worked fine on my HTC desire and my sensation de even before it upgraded to ice.any help would be greatly appreciated. thx

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    The battery saver is a bad app IMO. Its another of those task killers that actually kill more battery in the end than save it.
  3. Offshore1

    Offshore1 Member

    Thx for replying m8 what would u recommend instead? Tried juice defender and didn't like that, now I'm trying 2x battery which has improved it slightly I'd say.

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