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Dolphin Browser HD: Make this your default browser today!

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  1. xtmo22x

    xtmo22x Guest This Topic's Starter

    Let me introduce you to Dolphin Browser HD. This is the newest version of Dolphin Browser available on the Android Market. Why should I make this my default browser you may ask? Oh let me count the reasons- multitouch pinch to zoom, tabbed browsing, themes (currently only available as various colors), add-ons (androidtapp.com and bookmarks widget to name two), full screen browsing... heard enough yet?
    Since the day I downloaded this app, i haven't used the default browser... at all. There's no doubt in my mind that Dolphin HD puts it to shame.
    There are a couple of drawbacks though so prepare yourself. One is that its for android 2.x only. So if you're one of the unlucky ones stuck in android limbo... well either root your phone already or get a newer one. And the last thing is that google made Dolphin get rid of the youtube downloader feature. That's it! No more drawbacks!
    Definitely go install this today -no!- right now. You really don't know what you're missing out on.




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