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Dolphin Browser HD - Video Playback Issue (Control Panel Keeps Popping-Up)

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  1. Epicuriouz

    Epicuriouz Member

    Phone: HTC Desire on 2.2
    Using Launcher PRO
    Not using a Task Killer.

    Dear All,

    I am having issues with video playback in Dolphin HD. The browser is fine, excellent until I try and play a video. The video loads up just how it should. Great. Except if I try to watch the video in landscape, the control panel, keeps popping up, disappearing, pop-up, disappear, pop-up... etc.

    If I use the stock browser, no problems. If I use the 'open with YouTube app' option. Perfect.

    My second issue, is that the 'open with YouTube app' option is rarely given to me. I have no idea why it offers it sometimes and not others. If it worked consistently I wouldn't worry about the Dolphin Browser issue.

    I have no idea what has triggered this annoyance. It just started happening one day.

    I have contacted the Dolphin Browser people and they do not know why it happens. I can also find no instances of this affecting other people.

    Any help, is HUGELY appreciated.


  2. Epicuriouz

    Epicuriouz Member

    For those that may stumble across this post with the same issue.

    The problem resolved after I had re-installed - for the second time, curiously.
  3. calloha

    calloha New Member

    I have exact the same problem (see first post). Running Galaxy Nexus and tried all browsers known to man to be able to see video on full screen while browsing. Tried to re-installed (multiple times), but no luck. This is sooo frustrating, so if you have any ideas - please help.

    ps. I have no problem other video players (MX etc), only while browsing.

    br Calloha

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