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Dolphin browser search

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  1. kkintrea

    kkintrea Member

    Is there any way to use the heros search button to perform a google search in dolphin browser? It's a big drawback at the moment.

  2. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Well-Known Member

    it is very annoying when you can only type in URLS when you press the search key (Dolphin)... although you can still perform a google search from within the URL box .. the .com key means there's no space bar so when 'googling' you have to select the next page of the keyboard to access the space bar..very long process when you want to perform a quick google search

    annoying.. :mad:
  3. nyx528

    nyx528 Active Member

    I use iSearch instead because it gives you a customizable list of sites to search and as long as Dolphin is your default browser, that's what it opens :)
    The only drawback is that you can't set it to use the search button, so you have to have an icon or widget on yer screen to use it.

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