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Dolphin browser wowTips

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  1. Rich_NY

    Rich_NY Well-Known Member

    I just discovered Dolphin browser HD......WOW......SO MUCH FASTER, SMOOTHER THAN GOOGLE CHROME, download the app, you'll be amazed.

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

  3. Rich_NY

    Rich_NY Well-Known Member

  4. shaneydroid

    shaneydroid Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I tried dolphin for a couple of days and found it just as slow and clunky as chrome.
    So sticking with chrome so at least I've got my stuff synced.
  5. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Did you see the price on Boat? ;)
    Give it a shot, can't hurt to compare. I've never used Boat but I know a LOT of users love it. :)
  6. jman9100

    jman9100 New Member

    Dolphin Browser is good but Opera Mini is very good.
  7. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    I don't like Dolphin, if you don't shut it down when you're not using it, it sometimes uses 30%-50% cpu when idle and kills your battery. Plus, it's got steadily more bloated over the years.
  8. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Up to you for sure:thumbup:
    I just download and check them out. Would like to have one that syncs as well but Firefox is still in beta. It isn't nearly as good as either dolphin or boat IMO.
  9. viffer800

    viffer800 Well-Known Member

    There's an Xmarks add-on for the Dolphin browser to keep bookmarks synched across browsers/devices

    I personally really like the Dolphin gestures
  10. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Surprisingly, I find the Dolphin HD browser superior to Chrome in three major areas. 1. Better bookmark management. 2. Less intrusive tabs. 3. FAR SUPERIOR in terms of connecting to wifi hotspots away from my home. With Dolphin, connections are instantaneous. As such, Dolphin HD is my new default browser until Chrome VASTLY improves, and I mean VASTLY.
  11. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Dolphin HD is a must have! There are however a couple features missing.. Page Up icon which usually pops out in the lower right corner when you try to scroll up and auto correction isnt working with swiftkey// other than that it's perfect!
  12. blahblahyoutoo

    blahblahyoutoo Well-Known Member

    connecting to wifi hotspots has nothing to do with the browser IMO.

    and back on topic, ICS stock browser on ICS is smoother (scrolling and general responsiveness to touch) than Chrome on JB.
    that's how frustrated I am with chrome.
  13. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I find chrome to be very nice responsive yes some time it is a drag with a little lag on pinch to zoom but it is so much worth the sync between my computer and my phone i personally think it is well worth it.
  14. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    I used Dolphin for a while, then moved onto Boat and now I'm back on Dolphin again for the simple reason that they have addons for both Evernote and Pocket - 2 services I use frequently.

    I've played around with Chrome on my Xoom ICS but find it pretty bland and boring - a shame since it is my goto browser on my PC.

    I tend not to use too many of my PC bookmarks on my phone, but when I do Chromemarks brings them to my device (although not sadly, to my browser).
  15. soulam

    soulam Member

    On another thread someone suggested that we could see flash enabled videos using dolphin. I can't see how to do that with the Nexus 7. Do any of you dolphin lovers know how.
  16. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Really? Well, your IMO is wrong. Chrome SUCKS at connecting to wifi hotspots that I FREQUENTLY visit. SUCKS. It hangs, freezes, chokes, then finally connects. This NEVER happens with Dolphin HD, at least in my experience. The bottom line is, I connect to the web via wifi in DOZENS of hospitals very frequently. Establishing such connections with the stock Chrome browser has been a miserable experience as described above since day one of receiving my smoking hot Nexus 7. Since switching to the Dolphin HD browser I have had nothing but smooth sailing.
  17. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    Not willing to take sides here, but connecting to a public WiFi usually takes 2 steps - the first making the physical connection to the WiFi AP and the second to fire up a browser to hit a T&C Page and agree to the providers policy.
    jds4000 likes this.
  18. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good enough for me. This process works like a charm since I switched to Dolphin HD browser on the Nexus 7. On Chrome, well, you know the rest. Thank you.
  19. Jay Aristide

    Jay Aristide Well-Known Member

    AOSP JellyBean Browser > *.android_browsers
  20. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Dolphin HD removed flash support soon after the announcement of when adobe would stop supporting flash, unfortuantely. You'll have to either find an old version of switch to any of the alternatives being mentioned.

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