Dolphin HD Security Breach?

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  1. fulllwave2

    fulllwave2 Member

    I've very much enjoyed using Dolphin HD with my Android X but had a very disturbing issue happen today. I wanted to share a webpage with a few of my friends so used the "share" function on the menu which allowed me to select which mail account I wanted to use. The function as it should opened my email client with the link included and I added my personal addressees to the email and sent the email after visually confirming the list of addressees. A few minutes later I got a bounce from one of the addressees. Problem was, it wasn't one that I added or knew. As a matter of fact, the addressee that bounced was an address in Germany of someone using a public email service similar to Hotmail. The address was .
    It makes me wonder if there is a security flaw in the Dolphin HD browser. Fortunately this email bounced, but were there possibly other hidden addressees that didn't? I'm about to ditch Dolphin HD and advise our other corporate smartphone users to ditch it as well.
    Haas anyone else had a similar experience with this app or any insight into this potential security issue?

  2. othgar

    othgar Well-Known Member

    Are you using the new 3.0 that was just released?
  3. fulllwave2

    fulllwave2 Member

    Yes. I believe I just got the upgrade yesterday or early this AM. One thing I did additionally was add the password manager add on as well.
    Just to be safe, I have since uninstalled the password manager add-on.
  4. gilbequick

    gilbequick Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the possible heads up. I just installed the Dolphin browser today. It's ok, but I'm not totally attached to it yet, so until this is cleared up it's uninstalled.
  5. fulllwave2

    fulllwave2 Member

    I want to be clear that other than this issue, I love the browser. Also, the German email did bounce. It would be good though to get an official response from the developer as to how or why this could have happened and is it something I need to be concerned about. I checked the running services and don't see anything suspicious but if the can hide an email addressee, I suspect they could also hide a service.
    Not sure if the developer monitors these posts or if I should be posting this elsewhere but at minimum, I think we need an answer.

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