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  1. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Ok so I would like to switch from Dolphin Browser to Chrome. But I would like to know is how do I take my bookmarks from Dolphin and import them into chrome via my phone, since I don't have a computer.

  2. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

    To be completley honest even after going into dolphin and chrome and checking that this isnt a possibility . Now if we were talkin about Boat browser then this would be possible .
  3. It seems that you can use Dolphin Connect to do it.
  4. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    By syncing it to my Google account? Does it work if I want to import them to chrome? And will it keep my folders?
  5. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Ok yeah using Dolphin Connect to sync my bookmarks didn't work with Chrome. Oh well.

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