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Dolphin vs. OperaGeneral

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  1. islandiver

    islandiver Well-Known Member

    Hello all, new here. Been trolling for a while but decided to register today. I have a question to some of you guru's:). Opera seems to load very fast as does Dolphin, is there any differences between the two? Haven't tried Youtube on Opera but works fine in 3G on Dolphin (because I know the Youtube app on 1.5 doesn't). I do love the pinch zoom that Dolphin has. Question if and when we ever get the OTA to 2.x, I heard the pinch zoom will be disabled, is this true? I hope not.

  2. 5thAgent

    5thAgent Well-Known Member

    Personally I keep finding it hard to pull myself away from the included HTC browser. Flash support on 2.1 is what has me hooked though... Haven't tried Opera yet, but I suppose it's because all my needs and wants are satisfied by the HTC browser in the 2.1 leak.
  3. islandiver

    islandiver Well-Known Member

    I'm still using 1.5, holding out for the OTA update. I'm afraid I'll brick my phone because I have good luck like that. BTW I'm turning all kinds of shades of purple as I've been holding my breath for the OTA.
  4. 5thAgent

    5thAgent Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha. It's almost worth it to either
    1. Take a breath. Then update to 2.1 Leak v2
    2. Take a breath. Then go through a bit more rig-a-ma-roll and root and install a decent 2.1 rom.

    The first option is pretty painless though. The only way you could really screw it up is by killing the phone during the install somehow. Like unplugging it from power AND removing the battery. Though it does erase your phone :/ All you have to do after wiping is reinstall all the apps though, no real data is lost. And the first time you start up after wiping, all the apps you had installed will be sitting in your "downloads" page in the Market. They'll only be there the first time you look there, so install them all without leaving the downloads page if you want to reinstall all your apps.


    Or you could just be a pansy and not install 2.1 :p -peer pressure... peer pressure-
  5. jkmailley

    jkmailley Well-Known Member

    My husband has Opera on his HTC Touch Pro 2 and I use Dolphin on my 1.5 Eris. They are about both the same...However, I do enjoy Doiphin's simple "wow" features...gestures, themes, and style.
  6. tonyb81

    tonyb81 Well-Known Member

    Opera has too many rendering problems for me to enjoy it more than the stock 2.1 browser.
  7. truelove79

    truelove79 Well-Known Member

    Same here. Opera mini is terrible. Pages look all wrong. Dolphin is okay but I refuse to use a browser that doesnt use the stock android bookmarks. Im using skyfire righ now just to test it and its pretty good.

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  8. zutmin

    zutmin Well-Known Member

    I have found that the stock HTC browser on 2.1 v2 is easily the better performer when compared to Opera Mini & Dolphin. The stock browser loads way faster than Dolphin and opera IME.

    I did not like Opera Mini at all so I uninstalled after using for a couple of days. Did not like the interface, speed or the look of webpages when loaded.

    Dolphin browser has some really cool features and I usually use it to download files/Apps as it seems to have more functionality when it comes to saving files and changin file names/extensions.
  9. emer

    emer Active Member

    Opera for me has been by far the fastest browser, it does make the pages look a little weird, but that doesn't bother me.

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