Dont get excited

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  2. TheAlmightyDrew

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    Why do you say that? How do you know they will only have four in stock? Or is that just a made up number? Either way, that is why you make sure that you get to a Verizon store early in the morning on launch day. Or you order it online on the 8th.
  3. Pretty sure they always have more then that and droid 2 isn't sold out anyway
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    The Droid 2 isn't sold out because the release of that phone was kept on the hush-hush until literally the day before it launched. Only people who actually keep track of smartphone news such as ourselves knew when that was coming out. Other than that, the general public had no idea.

    The Fascinate, on the other hand, is the last of the Galaxy S phones to come out. I am sure that a lot of people at Verizon have friends who have Captivates and Vibrants and they love their phones but can't get them because there isn't something like that available for Verizon. But then again, if they aren't researching and keeping up with smartphone news, they won't know the phone is supposed to come out on the 9th. However, the phone has been on Best Buy's website for a while now -- listed as "Coming Soon".

    Who knows. I don't think it will be as drastic as the Droid X and Droid Incredible where it will be almost impossible to find if you don't get it on launch day.
  5. Hawkmech

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    I have been disappointed in the last 2 launches, Incredible and Droid x, about 4hrs. of inventory and they never had stock again. Strange way to market your big phones. In both cases they were releasing the next phone before they ever had inventory on the prior phone.
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    Are you serious?
    It was always available for the whole day at least through all the various online channels (VZW website, wirefly etc).
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    Sounds like you're going to the wrong store.
  8. burningembers

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    You should come to the Best Buy's around where I am.

    When I pre-ordered my Fascinate, they didn't even realize they were taking pre-orders. So they had to check if they were, were surprised to find out they were, then printed out forms that they didn't know existed.

    I was also the first person to pre-order one. Two days after BB started taking pre-orders.

    Suffice to say, I'm not too worried about selling out here...I walked in the day after the HTC Inc. came out and bought one when all the Verizon stores in the area were sold out. And they had 8 or something in stock.

    Should head out here :D
  9. TheAlmightyDrew

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    Yeah. We are not all that lucky. I live in a very populated college town and the Best Buy here is the only one within 30 miles. Our Best Buy is sold out of so many things, it's hilarious.
  10. Hawkmech

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    I would prefer to buy from the corporate stores but they appear to be the last to get stock. Walmart only has a 2 week return period so its pretty much Best Buy and the 1 or 2 they get in every other week. Strange marketing strategy Verizon
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    That depends on the carrier. The return period for T-Mobile is 14 days. The return period for Verizon and AT&T is 30 days. I am not sure about Sprint.

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