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Dont get your Galaxy S2 wet. It is BADTips

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  1. mobile363

    mobile363 Well-Known Member

    I just switched from desire hd to galaxy s2. and wow. love just about everying more on this phone.

    But two days into owning the phone, i spilled water on my pants and got my pants wet. and my phone was in my pocket. Not a lot of water either. And within 5 minutes, the screen wouldn't work. I returned it and they gave me a new one free of charge. 30 day dealer warranty. So that was a bonus.

    I had a case on the phone and in the case was really wet. In a panic i removed the case and dried everything off. I eventually had to take the battery cover off and it wasn't wet in there. I think the water must have got in through the mic, speaker or usb openings. And fried the screen. It worked patchy for a while and then eventually died. sound still worked.

    So just a heads up, even a small amount of water coming in contact with your GS2 can render it useless.

  2. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    well i have diffrent experience. i spilled full cup of hot coffe over my 3 day old gs2... quickly wiped it off, turned off and started again after few minutes. it 3 months now since i have it, i rooted it and installed few roms and still works as new, no problems at all! question is... was that luck or sth will f**k up in some time ? ;)
  3. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Since I dismantled mine and put it back together I've noticed a wider gap between the chrome and black plastic along the bottom, don't think it was like that before, it goes snug again at the corners just has a thin cigar shaped gap, now I'm making extra sure I never spill water near me.
    (Kinda regret taking it apart in the first place, but it was time to get the dust out of the outer edge rim)
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    In the unfortunate event of getting your phone wet...

    1. DO NOT turn it on.

    2. Immediately remove the back cover and battery.

    3. Gently, and carefully, dry the components with kitchen paper.

    4. Take a plastc (tupperware) container and fill it with dry, uncooked, rice and place your phone in the centre of it.

    5. Leave for 2-3 days in a warm place like an airing cupboard.

    6. Remove and reassemble. Offer up a prayer and switch on.

    Hope this helps. :D
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  5. Burner2004

    Burner2004 Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    After having the phone for 1month (purchased from Amazon.uk when they first came up) I spilled 1/3 glass of Glenfiddich (15 years old) whiskey on it. I spilled directly on the screen. I quickly wiped it off and took out the battery, no shutdown. Almost had a heart attack (500Gbp phone). Then i left it next to my bed for 20h and the next day after sobering up from a heavy night I put it all together and it worked. I was so relieved when it worked.

    The Moral of the story is do Not have your phone on the table when drinking!
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Tough call... which would I be more upset about?

  7. Kandesigner

    Kandesigner New Member

    I bought my sgs2 from Clove (uk) and enjoyed it for the past two months. Just few days ago, i placed it on a wet surface and took it off immediately. Few minutes later the phone started to behave strangely and it drove me crazy since then. Every time i switch off the phone to normal sleep, after few seconds it wakes up (screen lights)! Moreover it quickly freezes on any usual activity.

    At first i didn't thought about that few drops, so I installed OS monitor and task killers, but nothing was abnormal. I formatted the phone and even installed latest roms.

    Recently I noticed that when i connect my phone to the battery charger, it works flawlessly. So it looks like something with the power connectors to the board. Should I send it back to Clove? or they might consider it personal fault!
    Any clue is highly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I would have been devastated if this happened to me.
    What a waste of Glenfiddich!!! :D

    Saying dont get your GS2 wet is a bit like saying dont squirt Fairy Liquid into you DVD player! :)

    Accidents will happen, so sound advice from Mr. Iron there
  9. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Not an SGS2 (knock on wood) but a few years ago I forgot my trusty Treo 650 was in my top pocket as I lent over the pool to look at the leaf skimmer - and plop the phone went straight to the bottom 1.2 m down in the salt water (corrosive eventually).

    I jumped in after it, clothes and all, first pulled the battery, then I stripped the case off until it was a circuit board and a screen attached by ribbon cabel. I washed the whole lot under cold tap water and left it for 4 days in the air. Put it all back together and except for a small water mark on the screen it works fine and still running!!

    I think it comes down to luck, keeping the phone off and getting the power source out as soon as possible. Water or fluid is only harmful when the power is mixed with it...?
  10. Sixel

    Sixel Well-Known Member

    Sucks there is no such thing as replacement of phone. Our return policy here sucks!
  11. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Got mine wet the other day when I was washing my car.

    My car dock fell off the windscreen of my car whilst holding the phone the other day too.

    Luckily it remains unscathed :p
  12. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    I could disagree with topic as on my 3rd day with sgs2, I spilled whole cup of hot coffee... Totally by accident... Phone was all under coffee but I wiped it quickly and turned off for 8 hours... Cleaned it inside as well and since then it still works perfectly and that`s over 3 months now :)
    I am prepared that it can die some day mainly that`s why I decided to root it as if anything will go bad it will probably die someday anyway...
    I don`t believe in such luck that nothing inside was damaged but as far as today it works perfectly, as new! :)

    So is it damn luck or sgs2 is so good? ;)
  13. hogswartgeek

    hogswartgeek New Member

    I was wondering if anyone had the problem with the HTC One S fogging up internally without having prviously been dropped into water?? I dunno if the problem is due to the heavy rainy season in Oakville now, or the sudden cold weather..... but my phone suddenly decided to act up and when I opened the cover there were watery droplets on the inside! HELP!
  14. Guidestar

    Guidestar New Member

    I spilled water on it's usb port and fried in matter of seconds, it was beyond repair so they gave me a new one (free of charge)

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