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  1. RKSMT

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    Hopefully this can serve as a help in many levels. Ever since I got my Gallaxy Note since I rarely use the calendar app, I never could be bothered to find out a few things. Ok when I start a new event two windows would pop up. The first I can still see and its says "Google calendar cannot sync with Samsung Kies. Use My Calendar to sync with Kies. - Do not show again" I never check "do not show again" because I was always intending to find out what Kies is, if you can help here that would be great.

    But that is not my biggest concern. What is, is the screen that followed that. From memory, it said something that I think was asking to choose from two options. Now the first pop up had an OK button and I think the second had a cancel button. I would always OK and cancel, to deal with it later. My problem is that one of the choices on the second window is under the OK button of the first window, so I pressed it by mistake and then I either, pressed ok or it just went away or I don't know, but I choose something without wanting to and now I want to see what I choose and reverse it if need be. Can someone help.

    Thank you

  2. RKSMT

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    I know no one is going to remember, but someone has to have access to a new phone so that if you select the calendar app I'm talking about you can see these two pop ups and let me know what they say?


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