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  1. whoisjohngalt

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    I like being able to read my facebook feed and post a few pics to facebook from my phone, but that's really all i need.

    I'm using companion link to sync my contacts from my outlook. These are really the only contacts I want on the phone.

    I don't need all my facebook friend's birthdays clogging my tiny calendar.

    My android contacts seem to contain contacts synced through companionlink and facebook.

    Can I turn this off?

    This is particularly troublesome because it seems to list phone numbers twice if I don't have the same format for example 1xxx-xxx-xxxx versus (xxx) xxx-xxxx.


  2. In the contacts app, hit menu-settings, or menu-view, and turn off facebook contacts.

    Same steps as above, but in the calendar app.
  3. whoisjohngalt

    whoisjohngalt Member

    thanks - need a little more help though

    in calendar - if I go to settings - my accounts - i just see my work account and my gmail account - nothing about facebook. (isn't the gmail one where campanionlink comes in?)

    If I'm in contacts - I can manage accounts, where I can delete my facebook account, but does this delete the facebook account alltogether on my phone.
    If not, how do I delete the contacts already in there. If I try to delete facebook contacts is says I have to do this by defriending them on facebook.

    thanks for any thoughts.
  4. whoisjohngalt

    whoisjohngalt Member

    ah - i think if i just go into contacts and pick to show the group - gmail - that just gives me my companion link contacts. seems to restrict the display in the phone dialer also.

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