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Don't want to put the last software update on my incredibleGeneral

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  1. octoberdana

    octoberdana Well-Known Member

    Since I warranty replaced my incredible my battery life has been much better. I noticed that the phone takes a lot longer to charge, but it seems to hold it's charge much longer- going 8-14 hours between charges with at least 2-3 hours of heavy use.

    I have not put the last software upgrade (the one with all the bloatware) on this phone, and quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to. I don't want or need any of the Verizon apps that it adds.

    Would it be detrimental to the phone to leave this update off?

  2. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I would. I just updated mine and my data usage went through the roof. So yeah the battery is going to drain quickly. When I get my replacement phone I am not going to update it.
  3. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    That's exactly my experience. Before this update I had much improved battery life although it took forever to charge(which wasn't an issue to me). Since this BS update it seems they reverted back to how it charged on 2.1. Fast charge but worse battery life. I see no added features to benefit from this latest horse shit update. Made my phone more glitchy. You don't need nor want this recent update!
  4. JPiLLa

    JPiLLa Active Member

    I was getting sick of the battery life and the Verizon bloatware apps so I decided to 1) buy the extended battery and 2) root my phone. After rooting last week and installing a custom rom, I could not be happier. Rooting was a breeze with unrevoked.

    That would be my suggestion to you if you want the latest release w/o the apps from VZ.

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