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  1. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    DORIMANX KERNEL for JB on the Samsung Galaxy S2... i9100, i9100M, i9100T & i9100P only and no other variant.

    (If you are unsure of the model of your phone, go to Settings > About phone > Model number)

    Supports SAMSUNG STOCK/ AOKP / JB-AOKP / CM9 / Jelly Bean + CM10 / Sense 4 All.

    Installation instructions (please read carefully and thoroughly)

    You will need to be rooted, see here, and have ClockWorkMod, (CWM), installed.

    Before doing anything, you should do a nandroid and Titanium backup.

    You should also install Root Explorer, or a similar file manager, and use it to navigate to the, "/efs", file in the root directory of the phone and make a copy of this and put it on both your external SD card and PC as its loss or corruption in future could render your phone unusable and require a Samsung repair. Alternatively, you can install, "GS2 Repair", free from the Play Store which can do this for you.

    These are your, "Get out of jail FREE" cards in case anything goes wrong, now or in the future.

    Download the .zip version of the Dorimanx kernel and Hawker's, GS2Wiper and place them on your external SD card, safest place, (if you downloaded them using your phone they will be in... "/sdcard/Download"), and then go into Recovery and select, "install zip from sdcard", followed by, "choose .zip from sdcard", and then navigate down the menu until you get to "GS2Wiper" and install it. It is a small script that wipes any crud from your previous kernel and takes about 2 seconds to complete. You then navigate to "Kernel_Dorimanx-V?", and install it and then reboot your phone.


    Dorimanx kernel downloads
    There are currently 3 versions of this kernel depending on your ROM type and firmware. v7 = ICS, v8 = JB/ICS STOCK,*** v9 = JB CM/AOKP ONLY

    Hawker's GS2Wiper download.

    Limited kernel profiles, Default, Battery and Performance, can be found in Recovery mode, "kernel specific options", after installation.

    With Dorimanx kernel v7.12 onwards, you will also find an app called STweaks installed that allows a great number of configurations and profiles.

    An in-depth explanation of the kernel's various governors and schedulers and what they do, can be found here, here and here.

    Dorimax kernel thread on xda can be found here and will answer a lot of your questions regarding releases and problems..

    ***Dorimanx does NOT support ICS after v8.1 of his kernel.
    The Dorimax kernel is NOT compatible with Gingerbread (2.3.X) ROM.

    (Whilst I have taken every care in compiling this guide, I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur through its use and the decision to use this guide lies with you, the owner. This guide is written solely for, and on behalf of, Android Forums and may not be reproduced, in part or whole, without permission)

    ironass motto... "Flash in haste... repent at leisure"

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    What's inside the Dorimanx kernel

    If you have used the immensely popular Siyah kernel in the past then the Dorimanx kernel, by dorimanx, will come as no big surprise as it is based on Siyah 4.0 by gokhanmoral.

    • Kernel is updated to 3.1.Y and beyond.(hybrid)
    • This is ICS/JB Tuned Kernel only! not supporting any 2.x.x roms!
    • Dual CPU support
    • Default CPU governor: HYPER
    • Default CPU frequency: 200-1200 MHz (MAX OC up to 1.5Ghz speed!)
    • Kernel Support ExTweaks and 5 Profiles.
    • Overclocking to 1500 MHz. (via ANY CPU Tweak Apps or ExTweaks)
    • Kernel support 15 CPU steps! 1500Mhz->100Mhz by static default!
    • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in Extweaks app! + lots of CPU tweaks.
    • Kernel will sleep in deep sleep on 200Mhz->600Mhz as Samsung requesting to prevent SOD.
    • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface. and ExTweaks (750-1500mV) (all set to best)
    • Be very careful with voltage settings! (all set already)
    • Default I/O Scheduling: SIO
    • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, VR, NOOP, CFQ, BFQ V4
    • Native USB Tethering.
    • Native Wi-Fi Tethering
    • File systems support: Ext3/4, FAT32, NFS, CIFS
    • Added tweaks to increase I/O Speed.
    • Added tweaks to increase CPU speed
    • Removed all the debuggers to free kernel from unneeded jobs, and logs.
    • More Govs present, conservative, performance, luzactiveq, pegasusq, abyssplug, scary, ondemand(default sleep gov), sleepy.
    • ZRAM SWAP add more 150/300/600MB compressed RAM, activated by ExTweaks, set to off by default.
    • Tweak camera (better picks quality)
    • Kernel Include Siyah Recovery with Dual ROM support!
    • In Recovery you have section to select kernel profile. Performance, default, battery, the default is DEFAULT.
    • Kernel will Auto ROOT your device!
    • You can disable ROOT in ExTweaks app! (download from market!)
    • Tuned for I/O Mega Speed SQLite is injected to ROM after install, only for CM9 or AOKP and JB ROMS, will NOT be injected to MIUI/SAMMY ROMS.
    • BLN by Fluxi! lights time out, and blink/breathing effect, see ExTweaks BLN tab to activate!
    • Massive script for kernel/ROM management made by Voku and me
    • It's will work by auto and set lots of tweaks: NET tweaks, GPU tweaks, CPU management, Deep Sleep Tuning, Charging states, and more!
    • It's name is
    • WE SAFE (MMC_CAP_ERASE not present) in kernel MMC Code!
    • MMC code merged with SAMMY Update 7
    • FM-RADIO WORKING! (you need Spirit FM PAID!!!!) or original ICS FM APP.
    • Touch screen color + touch thresholds are in ExTweaks,
    • Kernel Cleaning Script is build IN! by VOKU.
    • BT Support for SAMMY 4.0.4 ported by GM! + BT driver from SAMMY Update 7
    • Video(GPU) + Camera Driver from SAMMY Update 7 + patches
    • WIFI Driver 1.15.15 + SAMMY Update 7
    • Modem Driver from SAMMY Update 7
    • SMP Processor code updated from Kernel 3.6.Y
    • RCU + SRCU Processor code updated from Kernel 3.6.Y
    • Kernel Code for on screen gestures by Tungstwenty
    • EXT4 Code merged with lots of updates from 3.6.Y kernel
    • SLUB fully merged with 3.6.Y kernel
    • Memcontrol merged with 3.4.Y kernel.
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  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Reserved... just in case! :)
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I have only been using the Dorimanx kernel v5.88, for less than 24 hours but it is looking good!

    Based on the Siyah 4.0 kernel and with all of the features, and more, from that kernel.

    The first thing I noticed was that in ExTweaks there are 5 defaults:- battery, default, extreme_battery, extreme_performance and performance.

    Also in ExTweaks there are a lot more options, 11 screens to be exact.

    Governors... Hyper, pegasusq, abyssplug, lulzactiveq, ondemand, conservative, scary and sleepy.

    I/O schedulers... sio, noop, deadline, vr, cfq, and bfq

    Other assorted features in ExTweaks that you may not be familiar with are...

    Deep-Sleep governor option.
    LCD Power Reduce.
    Screen Colour Menu.
    Enhanced Audio+Swipes menu.
    Enhanced BLN menu.
    Fix Permissions+Zipalign+DB Optimize.
    Wi_Fi Scan Period.
    GPS Regional Settings.
    Fix File System on Boot.
    Root Check.
    Cortex Brain.
    Force Auto Wi-Fi.
    Force Auto Brightness.
    Firewall, TCP, CPU, Memory, Battery, Extra battery, System, Kernel and I/O tweaks.
    Backup and Restore settings
    Ad Blocker Menu

    As a trial I have opted for Dorimanx v5.88 kernel on my ICS NEAT ROM with the extreme_battery profile and virtually no extra settings, apart from BLN, (Back Light Notification), enabled.

    So far there's been no nasty surprises and scrolling is as slick and smooth as Siyah. Menu's are quick and snappy even with this configuration. Wi-Fi connection is faultless and quick.

    24 hours is not enough time to evaluate a new kernel but the early signs are very good. My overnight battery drain for instance was sub 1% per hour... which is good for me and my profligate set-up and usage.

    I would certainly recommend this kernel as an alternative to Siyah as the leap from one to the other is not that great.

    Dorimanx, from Israel, seems pretty active and judging by his releases for v5.88 and v7.2, which were both updated yesterday, appears to be continuing his support for the SGSII.
  5. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    I've been running this for the past couple of days on the battery profile... I've been looking through the Thread and folks are posting results of between 6 and even 7 hours screen on time. I've had nothing like that but I'm going to try out the extreme battery setting for the next couple of days.... Would you like pictures of my results mate?
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I give a new kernel around 3 days to, "bed in", before making any real claims or judgements... unless it's a real disaster.

    The problem with screenshots is that it only tells you what that person, with that ROM, with those app's and with those settings are getting and bear no relation to your own set-up. The only way to judge is by carefully monitoring performance and battery and then comparing it to your previous, best, kernel.

    EDIT Just noticed that there is no Backup and Restore option within CWM v3.15. This has to be done via Recovery.
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    It's based on Siyah 4.x but still using CWM 3.x???? That could mean major problems with restoring existing nandroids then. :(
  8. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    It comes with CWM v6+ (touch recovery) so shouldnt be a problem. Also has the tar/dup format options

    ironass is referring to CWM Manager v3.15, and not CWM recovery
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  9. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Don't do that Slug! :ahhhhh:

    The last syllable of my username tightened momentarily when I first read that.

    Hawker's right, (that statement hurt!), about the backup and restore.

    I just tried it and it works, both ways.

    It's a bit of a pain in the last syllable but to backup or restore, using this kernel, you merely boot into Recovery mode and select, "backup and restore", from the menu. You are then presented with the following...

    - backup to external sdcard
    - restore from external sdcard
    - delete from external sdcard
    - advanced restore from external sdcard
    - free unused backup data
    - choose backup format
    - backup to internal sdcard
    - restore from internal sdcard
    - advanced restore from internal sdcard
    - delete from internal sdcard
    - +++++Go Back+++++

    Since I always use the external sdcard, I only needed options 1 & 2.

    Using the stock extreme_battery profile, I had a second sub 1% per hour battery drain overnight! :)
  10. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Dorimanx kernel v5.89 is up! :D


    "*Updated Power Manager to MAX from 3.4.Y Android Kernel with many changes on the way! update is MASSIVE! 3 pages! in GIT.
    *Set OFF to Slide2Wake for default and lower profiles, it's ON in performance
    *Updated WIFI drivers in both kernels!
    Now should connect to N only transmitting routers! and get full speed.
    *Removed 133Mhz GPU freq, it's not registered in driver and was broken.
    *Added Kernel Optimization for better graphic performance and CPU.
    for 7.3 we still need moddified SQL binary to get full power of I/O as with 5.89
    I am downloading the SOURCE for android AOKP ROM, it's 27GB!!! more 10GB left!
    Then i can create the new patched SQL
    *Fixed system settings lost for some stuff like shelf background and others.
    *Update to Gestures kernel code by Tungstwenty
    *Patched MALI driver from CM! only needed parts! also added some to 5.89!
    Not effect ROM boot, but will affect video driver power save.
    *Fixed CRT Anim when WIFI off/on! now works all the time.
    *Enabled CLEAN-CACHE tweaks in kernel code to reduce amount of I/O used to perform tasks.
    *Release little more RAM by reducing logger allocated RAM. (+0.9MB)
    *Some NET code fix.

    Dorimanx has linked to this, "Dummies Giude", in his thread, here! :D
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  11. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    My screen brightness had gone crazy ape bonkers on 5.89.
    Auto brightness no longer works neither.

    I'm back on v5.88 now before i go blind (because of the screen, and not because of what you're all thinking!)
  12. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    No problems here old stick!

    I must say that after I flashed the new release, I did notice that the screen brightness had been adjusted a notch or two, down. I also had to do a Restore on my ExTweaks backup as my settings for extreme_battery were overwritten... to be expected I suppose.

    I'm not going to suggest the obvious... wipe cache, wipe dalvik, fix permissions and reset ExTweaks in Recovery... you'd just shout at me! :ahhhhh:
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  13. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Eventually got it working. There must have been something screwy going on in my extreme battery profile. After much resetting and setting the profile values the light sensor now seems to be behaving itself. Couldn't really see anything obvious as to why this was happening but at least it's behaving itself now.

    As for the new version i can't really compare it to 5.88 as i have only been on this version for a day. Now to test if the sleepy governor in deep sleep makes any difference tonight.....
  14. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Right then rusty bum.

    I'm off to break this bad boy.....
  15. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Right!... which one of you told Syd about this kernel? :mad:

    With Syd's reputation for breaking kernels... if it works for him, it'll work for anybody!

    Don't know what you mean old fella! ;)

    Glad you got v5.89 sorted though. I've amended the first post to add a note about wiping previous ExTweak settings after flashing. Just to be on the safe side.

    It's running slick and smooth for me so far. I can't really comment on the Screen Off governor, Sleepy, (a nice touch btw, to have a separate Screen Off governor), as some kind soul rang me at 5am!

    Have switched to the pegasusq governor for Screen On and all looks good.
  16. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Overnight drain for me on 5.89 on conservative+sleepy/noop was 0.25% per hour, and that was with my usual everything left on including bluetooth. Leaving bluetooth on would usually give me 0.5% per hour drain. My phone was charging on my laptop prior before going to bed, so this is probably the reason for the excellent result. See what happens tonight.

    Had a strange issue this morning when the misus called me. The phone starged ringing but the lock screen was shown instead of the usual call accept/reject screen. This stayed on screen for 5 or 6 rings until the accept/reject screen appeared, and interestingly the default ringtone sounded instead of her individual contact ringtone. Perhaps this is a sleepy governer wake-up, or a u/v issue as it would have been in deep sleep at the time. I then tried ringing from my office phone (so screen off but not in deep sleep) and the call accept/reject screen showed almost right away.

    I might change to pegasusq+conservative/sio and see how this fares
  17. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Well-Known Member

    I just flashed Dorimanx 7.2 with Mali drivers on my galaxy s2. I am on the Supernexus Rom Build 4(excellent rom). I am a newbie so this may be a stupid question (Don't Shoot guys!!!). How do you set a different governor for sleep or screen off? What effect does this have? Which is the best governor for battery life? the default is ondemand. How do you set Extreme battery profile ??? I dont see the options...Sorry, too many questions...
  18. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Extract from post #1...

    Sleepy or Conservative governors are battery friendly. Here is a list of what each governor and scheduker does...

    Android Kernel-Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers
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  19. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    All this is configurable via the ExTweaks app.

    As for which is best, I used to play about for literally months with different governors, schedulers, undevolting etc. and I came to the conclusion that there is very little or no gain. Ok, you may notice a bit of a performance improvement on certain combinations, but the effort to be put in (as one combination for one may not be best for another) compared to the gains isnt really worth it.

    Basically I now stick to ExTweaks defaults for a particular profile, so if you want better battery, best place to start is the battery (or extreme battery) profile and see how it goes.
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  20. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply. I already have Extweaks. Just wasnt aware of all its functions. I must also thank you because your dummies guides about rooting, modems and kernels etc were what led me to root my galaxy s2 (although not using the CF method) and generally tinkering with it :) Out of curiosity, what combination of governors are you using? I need to keep mobile data on constantly coz i dont have wifi and travel a lot each day to and from work. What might help in battery saving?
  21. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I'm currently on the default governer/scheduler for extreme battery (conservative/noop) and have set deep sleep governor to sleepy.

    I may change this to pegasusq/sio with deep sleep as conservative depending on how my incoming calls behave

    He's like a bad smell I know, but click here for battery saving tips
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  22. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Well-Known Member

    The Extweaks app says i need extweaks plus to set battery profile to extreme battery. Is there a way to do this without extweaks plus? Thanks for helping,.
  23. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Tightwads can set profiles in CWM recovery under kernel specific options

    I'm not sure if "battery optimized" in the CWM options is "battery" or "battery_extreme". I dont think Dori changed the CWM recovery very much from its Siyah base.
    Set it to this will give you a good starter point.
  24. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Well-Known Member

    He he he :)
    Tightwad eh?? Well, that term may be applicable to me but in this context, I cant buy the Extweaks plus from Play store because google play does not accept international debit cards and i dont use a credit card.. So cant go for paid apps :( but thanks, i already set the profile to battery...lets see how it goes.
  25. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, hawker' s normally the last to put his hand in his pocket....

    Personally have found the extreme battery profile not that well tolerated on my phone, gives me some stutter on scrolling. Anyone else get this. Maybe too early to tell, but are people finding the extreme profile noticeably better battery wise than the bog standard battery profile??

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