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  1. summy8462

    summy8462 New Member

    Ok I really want a phone that has hologram display option, I also want it with staight talk, and under $200. Now I know that the galaxy s 2 and 3 have this but there is no galaxy s3 straight talk phone at all that I can find even over $200, i did find one for the s2 but it was $350, but then I found the proclaim ($150) and I don't know if it has the hologram option! I know it has the gingerbred platform, so dose gingerbred platform mean hologram display too? please help I think it dose have hologram display but I want to make sure.

  2. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    The Proclaim runs Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and supports Live Wallpapers. So you should be able to run the Hologram Live Wallpaper (which I assume is what you are asking). However, as it has a fairly low-resolution screen (especially compared to the Galaxy SII/SIII models), it would probably be disappointing.
  3. summy8462

    summy8462 New Member

    well, there are mulipule videos on youtube with people using the hologram display for videos, or facbook, and it looks really awesome. I'm not sure if thats the same as live wallpapers, i think live wallpapers are just animated wall papers, not holographic... I think
  4. summy8462

    summy8462 New Member

    so, do you think th galaxy proclaim can be used to have holographic videos?
  5. mtnvortex

    mtnvortex Member

    Well, if it was on YouTube, it must be real. Maybe ol' Ben Kenobi can let us know...:smokingsomb:

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