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Double Battery Life with no work?General

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  1. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    So on the same day I got 1.6 I also got a replacement G1. I found my battery life stretched (with regular use) to nearly 32 hours with 13% left. I had done phone, web, ADC2 challenge reviews, video (watched), email, sms. I used to get maybe 16 hours. Any reason for the awesomeness you can guess?

  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Also I should add, in a handset exchange you only get new hardware, not a new battery. This is the same battery I had since day 1.
  3. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's just a big dollop of good Karma.

    Have you helped an old lady across the road recently? ;)
  4. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    They realy sent you a new phone with and your old battery in it ?

    How do you no its the same battery ?
  5. brian.dore

    brian.dore New Member

    you keep the battery when you send your old phone in
  6. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member


    I have had amazing karma lately. I am going to run some real tests now that I realize this. I did ask someone in the know and they provided this answer:

    But there has been a lot of work on battery improvement in donut otherwise, ranging from the new Settings > About Phone > Battery usage to small tweaks all over the place (things like timeouts switching from wifi to 3g to 2g, background syncing, etc.).
  7. I had heard similar to the answer from your "in the know" person and my phone has been getting a lot better battery life since 1.6 (no hardware change involved)
  8. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Update: Clock started at 7am - nearly 12 hours later at 46%. That does not seem great to me.

    Testing will continue.
  9. hmmmm...I went from about 8:30 am to 11:30 pm (approx. 15 hrs) and still had over 50% left.

    I'll try doing a more accurate test later on, but perhaps the difference is usage.
  10. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Another big time day.
    7am unplugged from charger
    next day 7am 28%
    4:15pm - 6% needed to charge

    33.25 hours with pretty heavy, email, txt, web,phone, app market and gaming

    Hmmm just realized the "media volume" was at zero. Could that really even matter? I doubt it.

    Will keep reporting here to see if things change. I am thrilled with the 33 hours over the previous.

    Interesting note there might be an auto-slow of battery usage when the device hits a certain battery level since it really hung on for a long time in the "red"
  11. OsoOto

    OsoOto New Member

    I still have horrible battery life. Some light browsing,a bit heavy on the Market and a call or two and my battery is down to 39%. I took it off the charger at 100% at 8:15 AM, now it's 11:06 AM.

  12. frenchy128

    frenchy128 Member

    I noticed that after I upgraded to 1.6, that my battery life has also extended..

    I thougth it was wierd that my phone still had a charge after a full day's work.. Loving the update...
  13. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    I see the opposite for my mobile since the arrival of 1.6. My battery life drops down :(
  14. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since 1.6 are you sure you did nothing new? Usage patterns, apps, updating apps, etc?
  15. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    I'm in france and I had the 1.6 only 4 days ago ;), and with the same use pattern battery life drops from 3 days to 1,5 (For exemple at night most of the time it consume 1-3% max, now 12% ><)
    And the battery panel don't show me an apps which consume so much battery.
  16. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    It is possible in the past 4 days for things to change and/or apps to update/be added.

    I am surprised you were getting 3 days in the first place. That is outstanding. I can certainly see your night time use being an issue. I actually did check this on my phone last night for testing.

    I was at 36% at 1am and at 7am was at 32%. I was happy with just a 4% drop over that time.

    Finally what does your battery use screen show? After 12 hours of being unplugged? How about after 18 or 24? I wasn't sure why you said your "battery panel don't show me an apps which consume" as I haven't heard of someone with 1.6 that doesn't have that option.
  17. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    Yes i have a suspect, i just uninstall it and see later if it change something to my battery drain.

    I turn off everything i don't need often like wifi, 3g ect... only keeping auto sync :)

    Er sorry my english is not very good or clear: what i want to say is than on the new 1.6 battery panel (with %) i don't see one application with high bat drain (for example i don't see an application X with a 10% battery consumption). Hope i'm a bit more clear :)
  18. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    What app did you think it was?

    3 and 1.5 days is amazing. I have all wireless radios off (3g, BT, wifi) and using Edge and only with 1.6 have I been able to get past the 24 hour mark...maybe 1.25 days now.

    From my experience the Display is the biggest culprit of drain. What do you have yours set at? I use an app I helped write called Timeriffic to alter my screen brightness at set times during the day and that has helped a lot.
  19. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    I think it was ebuddy application, but not :/
    When i go to bed 8 hours agos :52%, now (after only some ringing to wake me up) i see 38% :(.

    since the last "restart" 12hours ago i had
    - gsm wait 25%
    - screen 19%
    - Calls 18%
    - android system 17%
    - inactivity 14%
    - battery graph 3% (app wich show me battery drain in the middle of the night)
    - android base application 2%

    All display options is set to low : not very hight light, screen turn off after 15sec...

    Edit after 18h (24% :( )

    - gsm wait 25%
    - screen 23%
    - android system 18%
    - inactivity 14%
    - Calls 13%
    - battery graph 3% (app wich show me battery drain in the middle of the night)
    - android base application 3%
  20. KnowFear

    KnowFear Member

    You can also remove the batterystat file from your /data/system folder on your phone with something like Droidexplorer. (not sure of the exact file name as I am away from my computer)

    Let the battery die completely and then charge completely. Once you power the phone back on a new batterystat file will be created.
  21. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    Ok i will try this, but what it can change to my battery consumption?

    Edit : my phone is not rooted :/
  22. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    I tried to discharge fully, and then recharge fully, before turning on my phone. And i disable two "suspect" apps : "Locale" and "Battery graph".
    My battery stay at 100% all night long, and discharge slowly. (14h after i'm at 96% er... no 94% after watching the stats).
    I will see how it behave today, and then try to restart on and the other apps to see if one are responsible of battery drain.
  23. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    I stopped using Locale. I use Timeriffic (full disclosure - I helped develop it.)
  24. gfxfr

    gfxfr Member

    OK i will look at this app. It change profiles with location too or only time?
    (more than 17h up 92% ^^)
  25. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Timeriffic only does Time. (hence the name) The entire app was designed to not overly use your battery and allow you to set up profiles that will fit your lifestyle while conserving your battery.

    For example as it has started get dark earlier, I have my screen brightness adjust to lower settings at various times during the day to conserve.

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