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  1. hauss316

    hauss316 Member

    I just checked my att account online and after being told 5 different times that my grandfathered unlimited plan would stay intact, it isnt. My account data plan was switched to the data 2Gig garbage.:mad:

    Just got off the phone with customer support who advised that someone will contact me to change this due to the fact that I had to prove I had the unlimited plan before and since they dont offer it anymore, a senior person has to do this.

    Just something you guys should double check to make sure you dont lose your unlimited plan and get an overage charge on your bill

  2. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    call customer care.

    the proof is in the account notes would have taken someone who knows that they are doing 2 seconds to see if you had unlimited data. Just call back again, tell them to check the account notes, and say it was a mistake. Be polite, and all shall be well.
  3. hauss316

    hauss316 Member

    They told me someone special had to "review the notes and contact me and would do so by Feb. 22" to fix it....does this sound right???
  4. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    no lol,

    call back and make sure they reverse it before you hang up with them.
  5. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    I bought at Costco and had no issues. My plan is under the "HSPA+/4G Personal smart phone unlimited", and my wife's iPhone 4 is still "3G unlimited". There are warning in bold on the site that say if you switch you will not be able to go back to unlimited.

    I used her upgrade for the phone and transferred my iPhone 4 to her.

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