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  1. hagbardceline

    hagbardceline Active Member

    Hi -- I am getting 2 notifications for each new gmail I receive.

    One notification is the @ symbol and the other is the gmail notifier which I have installed. In the gmail notifier I have it set to use the gmail notifier icon (not Android 1.5/2.0 icons). My gmail account is not setup in the default mail client

    Why am I getting 2x notifications for new emails?

    This is driving me nuts.

    Please help



  2. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    My Guess is that you need to turn off Googles internal email notification if you have a second party app installed. Goto your gmail account on the phone and hit "Menu" then "settings". Uncheck the "Email Notifications". Send yourself an email and see if that works. ;)
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    If you are getting an "@" symbol notifier, it sounds as if you are getting notified by the gmail app. I'd guess that your account is automatically set up when you activate the phone - I don't recall setting mine up.

    If you don't want those notifications, in the gmail app, press menu, settings, turn off email notifications. If you don't want the gmail app to fetch your mail, from home, go into settings, Data Synchronization, Google, turn off gmail sync.

    I've not heard of this gmail notifier app myself, but it sounds redundant to me, since the stock gmail client notifies you using push mail.
  4. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have your gmail address setup in both the gmail app and in the stock mail app. Go to your mail app and delete the acct there, should be good to go
  5. hagbardceline

    hagbardceline Active Member

    It was the google notifier vs the gmail app notification... good call doogald

    I like the gmail notifier icon & options better so I shut the gmail client one off. They always showed up concurrent anyway.

    Thanks. This is a great forum!
  6. ggbham

    ggbham New Member

    I have 2 gmail accounts defined. One is an email address that others can use, one is for my use only for forwarding certain emails from my unix account.

    I don't know the exact conditions, but certain emails give me 2 gmail icons, one Red M with white back ground, and one that is darker, not red.

    Another strange thing is that I read the offending email under on notification, then I have to read it again under the other notification. And sometimes, it doesn't mark it as read, and I have to go to my list of gmail accounts, select the one with an email still, and read it again.

    It's very strange, and I'm not running any other email app.
  7. ggbham

    ggbham New Member

    Specifically, one email that I consistently get under 2 notification icons (red M with white background, and white M with black background) is my google web search alert.

    I have to read it twice, really? I can't figure out how or why it would happen. What does the difference between the 2 icons signify? Anyone know?
  8. Lewusek17

    Lewusek17 New Member

    I had this same problem on my SGS2 with ICS.
    I find out that we can set notification for different labels.
    So if you change settings responsible for notification to different labels then you get only one notification.
    Hope that will help.


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