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Double Power M975

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  1. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard of this tablet?
    Any way to root?
    It is a 9" touch screen running ICS

  2. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Well I found out how to root it, No custom rom or recovery as of yet but if anyone has an interest(in rooting one of these) I will write it up.
  3. emailkarlyn

    emailkarlyn New Member

    I have an interest if you know how to access boot screen or hard reset (decided to make a unlock pattern while half asleep on plane (airplane mode)... When I woke & tried too many times, unsuccessfully, to unlock, it wants me to use Google login (which I'm assuming the on,y reason its not accepting is bc can't get online when locked out)...I think I've remembered the pattern, but it won't give option to try again...Already saved my files, I just want to start over on it
  4. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    use the pin hole in the back to "reboot" it not sure if it will give you the pin screen again but I think it would.
    assuming you want to try that way.

    If you want to "factory reset" you have 2 options to get into the recovery menu and use the factory data wipe.
    The first use adb the command would be
    adb reboot recovery.
    The second is power it off and hold volume up and power( i think its power up, could be volume down and power though.
  5. MaxOmus

    MaxOmus Well-Known Member

    To get to the into recovery menu for the m975:

    1: Hold Volume Down & Power for 10 seconds ( screen will go black ).

    2: Hold Volume Up, the recovery menu should pop up after 6 to 7 seconds.

    From there you will see all your options ( wipe data/factory reset is your third option ) , use Volume Up/Down to move & Power to select.
  6. khaley3778

    khaley3778 New Member

    My granddaughter has the dopo m975. She forgot her password. None of the suggestions worked for us re: factory reset. Finally, this did work. Power down the unit. Once it is off, locate the Home button (NOT the volume button) usually at top of unit next to volume. Hold down the Power button and the Home button at the same time. When the Android appears, use the Volume up and down to scroll to factory reset. Use the power button to select factory reset. This should work. Again, it's the only sequence that worked for us. She had to reset all her settings but at least she has her tablet back after four months. She is very happy.
  7. politeman35

    politeman35 New Member

    I'm not answering the questions, but may rather ask somebody to help me. My problem is with reading E-books on M975. I have a lot of books in DJVU, TXT, HTM and MHT format. Downloaded many reader apps for Android - not less than various 3 for DJVU, for instance, but only small part of these files opens, the same with HTM & MHT, in spite that a HTML app claims to open both these formats. Who may suggest me what to do? Maybe some particular apps are needed for smooth opening of these formats, and others not work at all?
  8. nbb8581

    nbb8581 New Member

    I know this is an old thread but I have a double power m975 and I would like to know how to root it?
  9. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

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