double twist won't recognize my phone to sync music

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  1. Mary1

    Mary1 New Member

    I just got the samsung infuse 4g. double twist won't recognize the phone to sync and download my music...been trying all day and am ready to throw it out the window! I have XP and got the computer to acknowledge it's plugged into the USB port, but the music download doesn't see it. Any help out there???:(

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Hi Mary!

    Don't fret we're here to help -- and welcome to AF!

    It might be that doubleTwist is just having problems, some people report that it works great, others dont like it so much.

    One place you can ask you question is in our Media forum:
    (they know all about music apps there)
    Android Media - Android Forums

    Another good place to look for help would be our Samsung Infuse 4G forum here:
    Samsung Infuse 4G - Android Forums

    The other thing you can always do with an Android phone is "mount" the sd card as storage and drag and drop you music files manually -- some people prefer this way but even if you prefer sync, it's a good backup plan probably :)

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums, Mary.

    Those links alostpacket gave you will be a good place to look for information. I gave doubletwist a look when I got my phone, but I never liked it. The transfers were slow and there was little benefit other than trying to be an iTunes intermediary.

    I've found it's much MUCH easier (and faster) to copy my tracks to my phone using the same folder structure as iTunes and then just exporting playlists right from iTunes, which the phone reads just fine.

    If you want explicit instructions just PM me and we can take this to the appropriate forum for further discussion.
  4. Mary1

    Mary1 New Member

    I am not very computer savvy and don't know how to 'mount' the sd card or what the sd card is...finally got XP to see the phone, can't get any music program to...would greatly appreciate your help!
  5. MikkiFinky

    MikkiFinky New Member

    I'm having the same issue with the same phone... Can you please give me the explicit folder instructions you mentioned?
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Being a Samsung phone it comes set in Kies mode by default (not a helpful setting if you ask me). Unplug the phone and go to menu>settings>wireless & networks you should see a USB settings option, select that and choose prompt on connection. Now when you plug in your phone you should be asked how you want to connect it. Choose USB storage and then tap through the connection screens. IT should pop up on your pc as a removable drive.

    Now oyu can simply copy your music to the phone. For organizational purposes, it's advisable to put it in a folder called 'music' or 'audio' or something descriptive of what's in the folder.

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