Doubletwist airsync and htc inspire

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  1. bigtoysrock

    bigtoysrock Well-Known Member

    Ok this is so awesome! For a week now I was so wanting doubletwist airsync but never got it cause it said htc wifi might have issues with it. Well mine dont! I sideloaded it and installed the desktop app and now i can stream my music to my ps3 and my 1000watt home theater system!! Its easy as heck, just turn on your ps3 and turn on double twist on your phone and your phone will show up on your ps3.

    I just wanted to let the inspire users on here know that even though it says htc wont work, it actually does.

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  2. bigtoysrock

    bigtoysrock Well-Known Member

    Just tried it last night, it will also allow you to play the movies you have on your phone. They dont look bad either, but you can tell its not hd.
  3. roush611

    roush611 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I was leaning towards buying the Air Sync the other day but didn't feel like spending $4.99. I might have to now!!!
  4. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    4.99 is nothing. I am seriously spending 49-99 on the HTC media extender and maybe an extra memory card so i can stream movies to the flat screen tvs in hotel rooms without having to carry a dvd player with me (which has the added benifit of making them avail for viewing on flights or if stuck in an airport etc)...

    Its amazing what we do to be entertained huh? Well its cheaper than $14.99 for the stupid in room rentals...3 of those +tax pays for the media extender if they are really $49 so thats not so bad actually.
  5. LittleAnt

    LittleAnt Well-Known Member

    what's the HTC media extender?
  6. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    Just curious... I've been using iSyncr WiFi Lite. It's free and does the same thing. Or does Doubletwist do more things?
  7. bigtoysrock

    bigtoysrock Well-Known Member

    Kinda the same but, can you stream your music, pictures and movies to your xbox or ps3?
  8. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    Oh, I guess not.... :eek: Thanks.

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