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doubletwist - any one use it? can you vouch for it?

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  1. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    i really want to sync up my music to my cell phone - if you have it, would you recommend it?

    it looks like its in beta - but if it works, i would be happy

    (yes - gonna ask the guys on the sprint forum too!)

  2. ddsmyers

    ddsmyers New Member

    I have used it and it works very well for me!
  3. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    good - thx

    reason i'm asking, i installed it the other night

    took foreeeeeever to sync the first time (~7G of music) - okay fine

    but then, it missed about a third of my music


    also, its sounds like the playlist sync is a one-time deal - if you go back and edit the playlists, those don't get synced

    i THINK there's a way, but i'm not clear on that yet - its like, you have to modifiy the playlists in DT, not in itunes - then it will get synced on your phone
  4. leeladisky

    leeladisky Active Member

    It's still in beta, works great, but it is a bit slow... the earlier versions were worse, so they are improving this. There is supposed to be a big "super" release soon that will fix bugs, speed and overall feature issues.

  5. rsbenedict

    rsbenedict Well-Known Member

    Mine also didn't sync all of the music! :(
  6. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    see.. i don't want to go through all the trouble of synching (took me a long time the first time) and then have it not work

    i ran it once - i *believed* it caused a blue screen - i uninstalled it (a tech there wrote me back - said they put out a new release oct16 - the very day i installed it - that was buggy) and now i'm *thinking* about re-installing it

    i really want DT's features - but i am also wary that its in beta and bound to be buggy
  7. eddieroger

    eddieroger Member

    I've used doubleTwist once now, so I can vouch for the one-time load bit, but I intend on attempting to sync it "iPod-style" again today and see what happens. I'm still using the 2gb card that came with the Hero until I determine how well it works, but I'm optimistic. However, if playlists don't sync more than once, then it's game over in my mind.
  8. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    the way i understand how playlists work is you edit them within DT - it will change in itunes and on the device


    not sure though
  9. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    but i'm very interested if all of your songs transfer over

    i'm not so big on the playlist thing - but getting all themusic and all the album art is important to me

    let us know how it goes
  10. ndall

    ndall Member

    I used doubletwist for a little while but got irritated by various things. It didn't seem to delete tracks from the phone that I'd removed from my playlists, and most album art didn't seem to transfer either. I also tried to set up a smart playlist so that I could keep new podcasts in one playlist on the phone, but this resulted in very odd behaviour - basically I don't think doubletwist can cope with itunes smart playlists very well.

    I'm now trying Songbird from Mozilla and using the FolderSync addon to sync to the Music folder on my SD card over USB. Seems to work better, but takes a little bit more setting up. There's more album art transfered. Songbird can set up its own smart playlists.

    I think doubletwist will certainly be better at other things though, like syncing pictures and videos.
  11. rsbenedict

    rsbenedict Well-Known Member

    Any one tried salling media?

    It doesn't do movies, but it apparently does music. I'm going to give it a try this weekend when I have some time to tinker with it.
  12. FreshPrince

    FreshPrince Well-Known Member

    This is garbage. It doesn't copy album art.
  13. nyx528

    nyx528 Active Member

    I used to have DoubleTwist back when it converted protected iTunes songs to mp3s, but now it just sucks. It never synced all my music, it just froze up. I use Salling Media Sync now and it works MUCH better. You have to delete the music folder and resync the playlists if you want to change or update your playlists, but this is simple enough for me :)

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